Thursday, September 6, 2018

Online Folk Magic Courses

Curious Curandera Online Folk Magic Courses are open for enrollment! Visit my website for more information on each of these courses.

Santa Muerte Course Begins Oct 3, 2018
Learn the secrets to working with the Santa Muerte. Unleash a most remarkable and complete spiritual system!

Healing Spiritual Illness Course Begins Oct 3, 2018
Learn how to recognize, deal with, and heal some of the most common forms of spiritual illnesses. Taking advantage of this knowledge passed down from many generations will equip you with the means to heal yourself, family, and friends.

Spiritual Cleansing Course Begins Oct 6, 2018
Powerful spiritual cleansings for every need! Spirit Removal, Space Clearing, Exorcisms, and much more!

Saint Magic (Folk Magic) Course Begins Oct 3, 2018
Learn the hidden secrets of invoking the Saints for guidance, power, success, and more. By an instructor with over 30 years experience!

Mastering the Art Course Begins Oct 3, 2018
Learn the inside secrets! Everything you need to know to perform spellwork successfully. For both the beginner and the advanced spellcaster.

Crystal Energy Course Begins Oct 3, 2018
Discover how to put the powerful secrets of nature's energy to work for you.

Reading The Spanish Cards Course Begins Oct 6, 2018
Learn how to read the Spanish Cards to connect with the past, present, and future.

Working With Angels Course Begins Oct 6, 2018
Learn how to have a close working relationship with the angels.

Beginning Homeopathy Course Begins Oct 6, 2018
Learn the art of Homeopathy... a complete medical system that actually CURES illness!

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a form of medical treatment founded by Samuel Hahnemann.  Samuel Hahnemann lived from 1755 to 1843.  It is interesting to note that many of the first generation homeopaths lived well into their 80s while the average life expectancy for others at the time was 40 to 50 years of age.

Hahnemann not only was fully aware of the practice of medicine (being a medical doctor), but he was a skilled chemist who discovered a form of mercury still used today and above all else wished to help his fellow man and find a way to cure ailments (keyword- CURE).  He found little of this latter goal attainable through the medical practice of his time.  In fact, he felt that the practice of allopathy (standard medicine of his time and ours) to be almost completely lacking in its treatment towards a cure of chronic disease.  He came to view allopathic methods in dealing with illness as only suppressive of symptoms and instead of alleviating disease, just driving it deeper into the body.  He found standard medicine only covered up the symptoms or cut them out.  His experiences with allopathy showed that he was not achieving the goal of curing illness.  Instead, to his dismay, his patient’s diseases were just getting worse through standard medical practice (sound familiar?).

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