Sunday, November 16, 2008


Here is a list of plants that can be toxic to people and animals. Some people can be allergic to any herb so do your research. These toxic herbs should never be burnt as incense, never be rubbed on the skin, never be ingested and never be inhaled. This list does not include all the potentially toxic herbs.

The amount of poison in a plant tends to vary with location, age of plant, season, weather conditions. In some plants, the toxin is confined only to certain parts. Additionally, plants normally considered non-toxic may have been treated with an insecticide, making them toxic.

Asparagus Fern, Autumn Crocus, Azaleas

Blue Gum, Bleeding Heart, Bunny Ears Cactus, Black Locust, Buckthorn, Buttercups

Chapparal, Comfrey, Caladium, Century Plant, Crown Of Thorns, Cyclamen, Cape Ivy, Calla Lily, Carnation, Castor Oil Plant, Chinese or Japanese Lantern, Chrysanthemum, Clematis, Crocus, Cherry Laurel, Castor Bean

Dieffenbachia, Devil's Ivy, Daffodil, Delphineum, Daphne, Dutchman's Breeches

English Ivy, Elephant's Ear, Elderberry

Fiddle Leaf, Foxglove

Germander, Gladiola, Golden Chain

Henbane, Hellebore, Holly, Horse Chestnut, Hydrangea, Hyacinth


Jerusalem Cherry, Jonquil, Jack-in-the-Pulpit


Lobelia, Lily of the Valley, Laburnum, Larkspur

Magnolia, Mistletoe, Morning Glory


Ornamental Pepper, Oleander

Pansy, Peony, Primrose, Privet, Poinsettia

Rats Tail Cactus

Silver Vine, Split Leaf, Sweetheart Vine, Sweet Pea, Sweet William

Umbrella Plant

Virginia Creeper

Willow Bark, Wormwood

Yew, Yohimbe

Spiritual Love Bath

To your regular bathwater add:
½ cup Holy Water
Honeysuckle or Rose petals
¼ cup Mint
1 Bay Leaf
1 teaspoon dry myrrh