Monday, February 23, 2009

San Martin Caballero Money Amulet

1 old rusty horseshoe
Red string, yarn, or embroidery floss
San Martin prayer card
Money oil
A piece of cardboard, 5 x 7
Three new quarters
Sequins, glitter and other decorations
San Martin candle

Wrap the entire horseshoe from end to end with red embroidery floss. You can also use red yarn or any kind of red string but I think the finished item looks much nicer when wrapped in floss. Leave about an inch of the horseshoe unwrapped on each end. When you’re done wrapping the horseshoe secure the ends so that it doesn’t unravel. You might want to put a dab of glue over the knots for extra security.

This amulet will be use to hang on the wall in the direction a “U” would be written. The bottom of the amulet is the curved part of the horseshoe and the top of the amulet will be the part with the two ends.

Now take the prayer card and attach it to the center of the cardboard backing. The reason I suggest to use the cardboard backing is because the prayer card is not large enough or wide enough to fit onto the center opening of the horseshoe...the backing is the perfect size. Now attach the cardboard backing with the prayer card to the back of the horseshoe opening, in between the two ends.

Attach the three new quarters around the prayer at the top and two at the bottom. This would be a good time to decorate the cardboard that’s showing and to make the amulet a little more decorative. Some ideas for decoration could be glitter, sequins, nuts, roots, stones, small crosses, beans, or grains.

Once that’s finished, burn a candle to San Martin and ask for his blessings on this amulet. Take the amulet and dress it with the money drop on the very center of the horseshoe at the point of the curve....and one drop on each end. Place the amulet in front of the candle and leave it there until the candle is consumed. Hang it over the main entrance of your home or business.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

V-Day Aphrodisiacs and Romance

Hey Peeps, here are some more LOVE-LY ideas to get gear up for the big Valentine’s Day right around the corner. Romance your partner and get some romance in return...yes even brujas and brujos need some lovin to keep the spirits energized.

For The Guys
Magical lust cologne to attract women*
7 dropperfuls of extra virgin** olive oil
5 drops sandalwood oil
4 drops patchouli oil
1 drop ginger
Drop 3 catnip leaves inside the bottle

For The Gals
Magical lust cologne to attract men*
7 dropperfuls of extra virgin** olive oil
4 drops ylang ylang oil
2 drops rose oil
1 drop sandalwood oil
Drop 3 rose petals inside the bottle

Excitement Bath*
(say no more....hehehe)
Mix the following in a tub of bath water.
¼ cup honey
6 drops ylang ylang oil
2 drops bergamot oil

*Most herbal stores/health food stores stock the above ingredients.
** Caution! You won’t be for long.

Do as the rabbits do..... hehe
Eat carrots! I know you were thinking of something else.....but first eat the carrots. Did you know that raw carrots are a great aphrodisiac for men? Yeah, even back in ancient time carrots symbolized male sexuality and the high vitamins and beta-carotene are believed to be male stimulants.

Pine Nuts
Yet another hot food item....pine nuts! Pine nuts have zinc mineral which is necessary to maintain male potency which pine nuts happen to be loaded pun intended.

So now you guys are screaming “what about us, Concha!”. Well guys, you can feed your favorite gal any of these food items. They are all known to stimulate the female system: nuts, coconut milk, cheese, strawberries, bananas, or chocolate...hmmmmm maybe that’s why these are so popular on Valentine’s Day. Honestly, finger foods (any finger foods) are the way to go!!!

On another note, I would like to thank everyone for the overwhelming interest in the email courses. They are just about filled up and I know everyone will learn a lot. Have a GREAT V-Day!!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Love, Love, Love

Saludos (greetings), with Valentines Day just around the corner I felt a love spell would be in order. Did you know that in ancient Rome, February 15 was Lupercalia, the festival of Lupercus, the god of fertility? During this time they held a purification ritual. The priests of Lupercus would sacrifice goats and a dog to the god, after drinking wine they would run through the streets hitting everyone with pieces of the goat skin. Women would actually try really hard to be slapped with this stinky goat skin because they believed it would make them fertile.....hmmmm, interesting, but think I’ll pass on that, thanks.....

Hummingbird (Chuparosa) Love Spell
You will need:
2 red taper candles
1 white plate
1 photo each of yourself and the target person
3 photos of a hummingbird (you can print these from the net)
Honeysuckle oil
Attraction oil
2 Red dressmakers pins
Red ink pen
1 small magnet
1 small felt or cotton pouch (large enough for the magnet)

Take the white plate and dress the bottom of the plate with the honeysuckle oil, now dress the rim of the plate with the same oil, each time applying the oil with your marriage finger. Even though you may not be looking for marriage at this time you should still use the marriage finger since it represent commitment. With one of the red dressmakers pins carve the name of the target person on one of the red candles. The name should begin at the bottom of the candle and end towards the top. When you’re finished inscribing the name of the person dress their candle with attraction oil. Make sure to apply the oil from the bottom of the candle to the top near the wick. Take the pin you used to carve this candle and stick it in the candle about 1 inch from the top and set the candle aside. In a love spell, this area of the candle represents the “heart” of the person. Now take the other red candle and carve your name into the wax with the other red dressmakers pin. The inscription is written in the same direction....from the bottom to the top. When you’re done, dress your candle with the honeysuckle oil, again from the bottom to the top of the candle. Set the red dressmakers pin that you carved your name with aside. This does not get stuck into your candle! Now with the red ink pen and paper, write a short yet straight forward request of what you want from the target person.....marriage, dating, serious relationship, commitment, etc. now take the photos of yourself and the target person and dress the four corners of each photo with the attraction oil. Place the photos together facing each other and place one of the hummingbird photos on each side, facing inwards. So now you have your photo and the target person’s photo facing each other and a hummingbird on each side, all facing inwards. Get the red dressmakers pin you used to carve your name and use it to pin all the photos together. This stack of photos is placed underneath the white plate. Light each of the candles and allow some of the wax to drip on the plate so that the wax will hold your candle securely. Make sure to get enough wax on the plate so that there is no chance of the candles falling over later. Once you have done that, take the remaining hummingbird photo and place it on top of the plate, facing upwards. Now take the magnet and dress one side of it with attraction oil (target person) and the other side of it with honeysuckle oil (you) and place the magnet on the plate directly in the center of the hummingbird photo. Now recite the following hummingbird prayer. Here I give this prayer in both the Spanish and the English translations.

Al Poder de la Chuparosa
Divina Chupparosa,
tu que por el Poder divino
endulzas y alegras las cosas
quiero que endulces
mi vida y alegres mi corazon
ya que por tu divina intercession
he de venecar a mi amado(a)
y solo sea para mi
y asi como chupas la miel de las flores,
chupa la sal y mala suerte que tengo,
y asi en todo vencer,
novenario te he de hacer,
para que tu no me divides y me traigas
al ser amado fiel y lleno de amor.

Divine Hummingbird,
Who enriches and glorifies
Everything with your Holy Power,
I ask that you enrich my life and love
With your Divine Intercession
So that my lover
Will want only me.
In the same way that you extract honey from flowers,
Extract all misfortune and bad luck
From my life;
I pray you will not forget me,
So that my lover and I may share a relationship
That is honest and true

Allow the candles to burn out. Once they are consumed take the magnet on the hummingbird picture and place them in the small pouch. Carry this with you.

Until next time, bendiciones (blessings)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Spiritual Illness: Mal de Ojo (The Evil Eye)

Hola Espiritistas (spiritualists),

Today brings me to a subject that I have been getting a lot of questions about.....Mal Ojo...since just recently I met up with a woman who was suffering with it.

Envy and the evil eye have been feared for hundreds of years. The oldest reference of the evil eye can be found in the texts of the Sumerians, Babylonians, and Assyrians, around 3000 BC. Both the Old and New Testaments refer to the evil eye. I read somewhere that the ancient Egyptians believed that if they wore eye makeup and lipstick it would help to keep the evil eye from entering into their eyes or mouths. Can you imagine living in those times, carelessly walking around the city without wearing lipstick, minding your own business, and all of a sudden a big fat mal ojo would fly into your mouth...yuk!

Most people today believe the evil eye is caused by the envious look of another person. The envy of the person, although they mean no harm, is transferred to the other and therefore is the cause of the illness. Back in the old day’s people believed that the evil eye could be transferred to another person either purposely or unintentionally. Also, today people believe that the evil eye mostly affects young children and babies but our ancestors believed that anyone was at risk. Why has this belief changed over the years? hmmmmm....

It’s my belief that mal ojo can affect men, women, children, teens, babies, animals, plants, and even your surroundings. The illness is as real...the energy it carries is real. I have seen many cases of it in all its forms, and have witnessed its power. You cannot cure a person of the evil eye and not expect to heal the persons home and surroundings as well. Like everything else, the evil eye carries a particular energy with it. Its energy is bad just as the illness is. It leaves behind the power to cause further damage such as obstacles, anger, fatigue, phantom pains in the body, and even other illnesses can surface. Without removing that energy attached to the evil eye you will leave behind its influence.

Some of the more common symptoms related to the evil eye are...
Loss of Appetite
Stomach Pains

The first thing that should be done is to cure the person who has this spiritual illness; afterwards the home should be spiritually cleansed. Sometimes this can be difficult. The way I would go about it is to first give the person a limpia with egg. This will accomplish two things. First, it will show the severity of the spiritual illness, and secondly it will remove some of it from the person.

In earlier blog entries I have talked about the ability of the egg, in its raw from, to remove negativity from the body, I have also talked about how to do a basic limpia. Once the spiritual cleansing has been performed you would then break the egg into a glass of water and look for signs in the yolk or in the whites. Many times when a person has the evil eye you will see the shape of an eye somewhere on the yolk itself. Other times the eye can be found in the whites of the egg. You will have to look closely at the contents of the glass but once you do find the eye it will stand looks just like an eyeball. Once you have inspected the egg you can dispose of it in the toilet.

You may have to do more than one cleansing on the person. You will eventually come to the point where the entire evil eye has been removed. You will know this....again by the sign of the yolk. Now you are looking for what I call “the line of separation”. This will be a solid white line that goes from one side of the yolk to the other, sometimes it goes all around the entire yolk, it sort of looks like a white string tied around the yolk itself. Once you see this line you know that the evil eye is completely gone.

In the meantime there are ways you can speed up the removal. One way if speeding this up is to get a small white plate, no designs, no patterns. Place a small glass of water on the center of a plate, a photo or holy card of El Nino de Atocha under the glass...if the person afflicted is a child....or the photo of St Michael if the person is an adult. Next sprinkle rosemary around the base of the glass. Take an egg, still in the shell, and hold it to the soles of the feet of the afflicted person for about 10 minutes. Now break the egg into the glass of water and place the plate and all its contents under the bed where they will sleep. In the morning check for signs in the water. You may find spots of blood or the water may have a bad odor. These are good signs that more is being drawn out of the person.

Until next time,
Luz y Progreso (Light and Progress)