Tuesday, June 9, 2009

St Camillus Healing Box

This box can be created to offer healing energy to those in need. This is a simple concept which is strengthened with the love and devotion that St Camillus had for helping the sick.

For this spiritual work you will need a small wooden box. I don’t believe in using plastic in spiritual practices and find that wood brings strength and an added element to the work at hand. If you cannot find a wooden box the next best thing would be cardboard or paper mache, but wood is the absolute best.

The box can be left simple or you could decorate it in any way you like. I know many people who decorate these healing boxes with glitter, sequins, pictures, written prayers, or shells. As for myself I like to decorate the outside with the Golden Mean Spiral since this spiral in sacred geometry contains much healing abilities. The Golden Mean Spiral is found throughout life and is very powerful.

The bottom inside of the box should be fitted with a piece of blue felt cut to size. Inside, under the lid, a small mirror should be glued with the mirror facing the inside when the lid is closed. This magnifies and keeps the healing energy inside. You can purchase small cut mirrors at any craft store for about 50 cents.

Next, light a candle to St Camillus and ask for the box to contain his essence, love, and strength for the purpose of healing those in need. While the candle burns the box is left to the right of the candle, yet away from the heat of it and should remain there until the candle is consumed.

Once the candle goes out, place a prayer card or a printed image of St Camillus inside the box which was previously sprayed lightly with Holy Water, this should remain inside at all times. You can also place other items inside to further add healing strength.....such as a clear quartz (quartz magnifies).

To the box you can then add hand written names or photos of those who need healing. The names or photos are kept inside the box until relief from their illness is granted. Once granted, the name or photo of the person is left on the grounds of the church. Some people like to burn the names or photos but I feel that burning an image or the representation of a person is too harsh. Leaving them in the church seems to me the proper way to go.

Once a week you offer St Camillus prayer asking for his intersession in healing and the outside of the box is lightly misted with Holy Water. This is a very good way of sending healing to anyone in need and is powerful in absent healing.

Saint Camillus Prayer for Healing
Lord God, you taught us that the commandments of heaven are summarized in love, of you and our neighbor. Father, you gave your faithful servant St. Camillus, a very special love for the sick. Through his example and inspiration we pray for your grace so that we may be faithful in our commitment of love for those entrusted to our care. Saint Camillus, your compassion for the sick led you to found the Servants of the Sick. Infuse this sacred box of healing with your compassionate spirit. Amen.