Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Our Father in Heaven
through the intercession of Our Lady of Prompt Succor,
spare us during this Hurricane season from all harm. 
 Protect us and our homes from all disasters of nature. 
Our Lady of Prompt Succor, hasten to help us. 
We ask this through Christ our Lord. 
Everyone in the path of Sandy, stay safe

Friday, October 26, 2012

Heads Up!

The Beginner Homeopathy Course offered on my website is still $109.00 through CuriousCurandera.com ONLY.  LikeCure.com who hosts the course has graciously allowed us to discount the course from $149.00.  This is the last time we will have the discount.  Sorry for any confusion to those that signed up through LikeCure.com.   Mention to LikeCure that you wish the discount from CuriousCurandera if you signup for the course through that site. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

To Break Up a Couple

1 Lemon
Bat blood oil
Black pepper
1 rusty nail
Cayenne Pepper
9 black dressmakers pins (the ones with the colored balls on the end)
1 yard of black fabric
Black yarn
9 Black Candles (free standing)
Dirty paper (go out and rub it all over the dirt if you have to)
Black Ink Pen
6 Aspirin tablets
Holy Water
glass jar with a lid
white vinegar
Dress the nine candles with the bat blood oil and the black pepper. Rip two small pieces of the dirty paper. You want rough edges on the paper that’s why you rip it instead of cutting it. In black ink, write the girls name 9 times on one piece of the dirty paper and write the name of the man 9 times on the other piece of dirty paper. Write the names as small as you can and rip the paper around the names so that you can get the paper a small size too. You will light one candle every day for 9 days but you dress them all at once. Light one of the black candles. Cut the lemon in half. Pick up one half of the lemon and insert one of the name papers into one half of the lemon and the other name paper into the other half of the lemon. Push and manipulate the paper until it’s inside the lemon. Sprinkle both lemon halves with Holy Water and say...
I Baptize you as (Girls name) in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. From Now on you will be known as (Girls name). Repeat this baptism with the other half of the lemon for the mans name.  Now with the girls half of the lemon insert 3 Aspirin into the pulp. As you do say...  (girls name), your relationship with (mans name) will sour. Every time you are in his presence a sour taste will come into your mouth. Repeat this process with the mans half of the lemon. This time say...  (mans name), your relationship with (girls name) will sour. Every time you are in her presence a sour taste will come into your mouth. Over each half of the lemon skin mark an invisible an X across the skin of the lemon using your thumb and say... I curse you and command you break your relationship.  Do this with both lemon halves.  Sprinkle each lemon half with cayenne pepper on all sides and say... I curse you and command you break this relationship. Put the two lemon halves back together with the rusty nail between them. And put the lemon back together with the pins, the pins should hold it together. As you insert the pins, curse the couple nine times by saying... If you do not obey my command to breakup this relationship you will suffer in the fires of hell for eternity Then wrap the lemon in the black fabric and begin to bind it with the black yarn. As you wrap the lemon, tie the yarn in nine knots and place the lemon near the candle. For the next eight days repeating the curse you put on the couple. The one that states you’ll burn in the fires of hell and tell them both that the only way to end their bad luck is to break up. Each night place the remaining candle wax and any other remains of the ritual in a jar.  After nine days, cut off the yarn and fabric from the lemon. Remove the nine pins and separate the lemon and bury the mans half of the lemon in the backyard where the sun does not shine, like under a bush. So you might want to get creative and find a way for you to identify who’s half is who’s.  With the girls half of the lemon place it in the jar with all the remains you have been collecting and fill the jar with vinegar. Wrap the jar in black fabric and tie it up with black yarn, making nine knots as before. Take the jar and dispose of it in a public dumpster. Call the girl by name and command her to leave. Walk away and don't look back.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Energy Dowsing With L Rods

Dowsing has been used for centuries as a means to find water, minerals, and other underground things.  In the old days it was common to see people walking around in a field with a forked tree stem in search for underground water.  Dowsing, also called “water witching” is still used today.  Cities, large companies and even the military hire dowsers.

All spiritual workers can benefit from dowsing.  We can use it to dowse (look) for spirit activity in the home, find negative energies, potential dangers, and we can even use dowsing to find “power spots” in our home.  These power spots are particular areas of the home that are most beneficial to us....a spot we are stronger in....more powerful in....more comfortable in....more in tune...more aware......more spiritually linked.....and more intuitive. 

Although there are several methods (tools) we can use for dowsing two of my favorite are the pendulum and the L rods.  Most people have heard of a pendulum and have either tried it a couple of times or use it on a daily basis.........fewer people have heard of the L rods and many have never tried it before in their life.  So today I am going to give you a lesson in L rods and how to easily construct your own set. 

L rods are simply two bent pieces of metal which work with the surrounding energy and with your own subconscious.  Like the pendulum you can ask a question and direct the way you want them to answer such as “cross together when you are over my power spot” or “open away from each other when you are over my power spot”.  You then start walking and when they have found your location of power they will cross over each other or separate from each other.

Okay, let’s make a pair of L rods.  Go to your closet and select two wire coat hangers that are fairly straight.  Get some wire cutters and snip off the long wire at the bottom (the long eng where you would hang your pants).  Bend one end of each rod into a 90 degree L shape.  For comfort and to make sure the rods swings freely in your hands make sure to cut the short end of the wire (grip) to hang at least one inch below your hand when holding them.  I like my hand grips to be about 5 inches long and the long end (pointer) to be about 15 inches long.  Now you got yourself a set of L rods. 

Hold them loosely in your hands with the top (pointer) wire tilted slightly downwards and spin them around to make sure they move freely, loosen up your grip if they don’t.  You want the rods to easily spin in your hands in order for them to answer you.  Get comfortable holding them.  Walk around the house so that you get use to walking with them.  Once you feel comfortable with the rods it’s now time to program them. 

Stand up straight and hold the rods in front of you with the tips slightly pointing down.  This will help to control them from swinging all over the place.  Concentrate.  Tell the rods “swing outwards for no” and deliberately swing the rods away from each other with each of the rods pointing away from you.  Say “this is no”.  Now bring the pointers to the search position (straight out in front of you).  Now say “swing inwards and cross over each other for yes”.  Deliberately swing the rods inwards until they are crossing (inwards).  Say “this is yes”.  Now ask “show me no” and wait for the rods to respond.  Then say “show me yes”.  This may take several attempts at programming before you get them to answer you....but they will.....keep trying.  Soon they will begin to swing on their own showing you the yes and no answer.

Once the rods are moving on their own you can begin practicing searching for little things. Try having someone hide a coin under a rug and allowing the rods to tell you where it is.  Ask the rods to cross over each other when they are over the coin.  Then go on to asking the rods to show you where your power spots are in the home, where there is spirit activity, etc... Maybe you want to go out into your front yard and search for underground water lines or electrical lines.  Some people dowse their backyards to find the best place to plant a garden.  The dowsing possibilities are endless.