Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Ouija Board

Saludos Brujas y Brujos. This is one of my favorite topics.....the ouija board.

These talking boards were extremely popular from 1900 through the 1950’s. At one time almost every home in America had one.

During the mid 1800’s at a time when the supernatural, spiritism and connecting with the dead peaked everyone’s interest ouija boards became popular and many people employed them as a parlor game. Adolphus Theodore Wagner was the first patented ouija boards, in London, England on January 23, 1854. In the patent, Wagner called his invention a “psychograph” and its purpose was to read the minds of people with “nervous energy”. Hmmm....what an idea.... lets find out what’s going on in the minds of the unstable.

In 1861, a Frenchman named Allan Kardac, described the ouija board as an instrument used to open communications with the spirit world. This is when the ouija board evolved from a mind-reader to a way of communicating with the dead.

Years later a guy named William Fuld got his hands on the idea, made a few changes and patented his new boards, afterwards selling his patent to Parker Brothers in 1966. The original boards are nothing like the ones we see today. Parker Brothers marketed the boards under the tagline, “It's only a game - isn't it?” Other people have also ran with the idea and made money from it.

In the 1920’s the ouija board was so popular that many of the large newspapers ran weekly columns on how to use the boards. I would love to get my hands on these original newsprints.

These boards were so popular that Norman Rockwell was inspired to paint an ouija cover for the May 1st 1920 edition of the Saturday Evening Post and believe it or not there were at least 2 popular songs written about them which were released in the 1920's. One such song was “Wee Gee” and a line from that song goes something like this..... “Wee gee, wee gee, tell me do, tell me if my loving baby loves me” ... sounds kinda hip huh? The Ouija Board has been manufactured now for over 100 years.

I’m sure many of you, like myself, have dabbled in the mystery of this phenomena. Knowing the potential and dangers of this board I’m not sure how they can get away with selling it to kids since it’s always found in the toy department and sold as a game. This is not a game I would purchase for anyone. Think about it..... This board has no electronically moving parts, and no batteries, it’s just a flat surface that you set a plastic pointer on top. Yet when you place your hands on the planchet it begins to move without any force of your own. So..... what is moving the pointer? Some of you have to know what I’m talking about....you can feel a “force” or “something” moving it....right?

In my opinion you are actually linking to the world of the spirit. What spirit? All of them! You can never be sure who comes through. It doesn’t matter if you have asked to speak with Aunt Molly or Uncle Albert. Asking to speak to a specific person does not guarantee that you will. The ouija brings many spirits, good and evil. Lower level spirits are known to lie and pretend to be someone you know, making the unsuspected user believe they have contacted their loved one. You can always ask for proof by having them answer a question that only Aunt Molly would know......but in your mind you know the answer.....just by thinking the answer you give it away.....your thoughts are instantly heard by the spirits, telepathically. Even if you don’t consciously sit there thinking of the answer to your question you already gave them the answer just by coming up with the question. Did I lose you? Why did you choose that particular question? Duh, because you know the answer, you already had the answer in your mind the moment you thought of the question.

Aleister Crowley told how he used the ouija board and that was put into text by Edward Cornelius. A friend of mine turned me on to the book titled “Aleister Crowley and the Ouija Board” pictured above. It’s an interesting read for curious minds.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Spiritual Illness: Susto

Susto is a spiritual illness that is caused when a person experiences a sudden shock or a traumatic event in their life. This is also known as “Fright”, “Soul Loss”, or “Loss Of The Shadow”. When a person has susto it’s believed that their soul leaves the psychical body, unable to find its way back. Many things can cause soul loss, depending upon the person. Some things that are frightening to one person may not be frightening to another. The signs of susto are wide and can never completely be foretold because like I said... everyone is different... but some of the most common signs are....

Easily Startled
Heart Palpitations
Inability To Move On
Fear That It Will Happen Again
Feeling That Something Is Missing Or Of Being Lost
Unexplained Sadness
Lack Of Appetite
Loss Of Interest In Self
Feeling That Something Will Happen
Involuntary Muscle Tics
Drowsiness During The Day
Insomnia During The Night

If you took this list of symptoms to a western medical doctor he would most likely diagnose this as depression and prescribe some kind of anti-depressant pharmaceutical. In curanderismo it’s treated with either herbal tea or ritual cleansings to restore the balance in the body and allow the soul to return.

There are mild forms of susto and more complicated forms of it. Western medicine will diagnose according to the “symptoms” a person has while curanderismo will diagnose according to the “individual”. This means that a curandera will take into account the person, their experiences, their mode of thinking, their fears, their patterns of living, and the event that they feel lead them to her. From all this information the curandera will know how to deal with that person’s particular type of susto.

In the mild forms susto is cured by a simple spiritual ceremony. In the more complicated forms of susto the ceremony is more involved and longer. Since susto is believed to be a very serious matter whether in the mild or severe forms, the curandera will usually have an assistant to help with prayers.

An area on the floor is chosen and sprayed with Holy Water to cleanse the space and to bring in blessings. The curandera would have the person lay down on the floor and instructed to place their arms out to the side and to keep the feet together, forming a “cross” with the body. Four white candles are blessed and lit. The candles are then placed near the feet, the head and the two hands of the person. The person is asked to stay in this position and silently pray to his/her soul to return while the curandera makes an herbal broom with fresh twigs of rosemary, basil, and rue which are tied together with red string.

Once the herbal broom is made the assistant lights some copal incense and walks around the person making large crosses with the smoke and recites prayers while the curandera sweeps the persons body with the bundle of herbs and calls to the persons soul, coaxing it to return. By the end of the ceremony which usually takes about an hour, everyone is drained of energy and extremely tired. The curandera will have the person sit comfortably and sip some fresh brewed mint tea.

This ceremony is preformed for three days in a row, each day the curandera calls the persons spirit in a louder and in a more forceful manner. By the third day the person is healed. I personally choose to perform the retrieving of the soul on Fridays since this is a very powerful day.

On my website http://www.curiouscurandera.com I will be offering several email courses, one of which is how to perform spiritual cleansings of all kinds. I’m currently trying to finish up the course on spiritual illness and how to heal them.

My Milagro Offering

I recently offered to send out 8 milagros to those who wanted them..... well they are all gone now. Sorry.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Spirit Guides, Part 2

It’s important to remember not to use your spirit guides as a crutch for every problem that comes your way. Call on them for the big things or when you have used up all your resources and nothing has come of your efforts. Don’t become too dependent on them. They have to rest too.

Your guides aren't there to tell you how to live or to tell you how to deal with every situation. They are there to give you advice and to guide you spiritually. They will not be answering questions about every worldly situation you have. You are the one here to experience physical life and learn life’s lessons. You can't grow if someone else is telling you every move to make. You should be able to feel when the time is right to ask your spirit guides for advice.

In time you will develop your own ways of contacting and becoming aware of your guides. There are so many methods of contacting your guides but here are some simple methods you can use to practice with. The more you practice, the easier it gets.

I believe that learning to concentrate and be in tune with the spirit realm is very important. Not only for the purpose of contacting spirit guides and other entities but its used in any and all areas of magic, self empowerment and spiritually.

The easiest way for beginners to contact spirit guides is through meditation. If you’ve never meditated before it can be difficult but you can learn with practice and determination. Wipe that sneer off your face....meditation is needed to accomplish many things including your intentions in spellwork.....without focus you get nowhere.

Meditation is a process that slows down mental activity and focuses the mind on a particular outcome. The particular outcome here is to make contact with your guide. For the beginner you probably won’t make contact your first time, probably not your second or third time either. This is something you will need to continually work at to develop and be successful.

When we meditate, we often enter into an altered state of consciousness. There we are able to contact and visualize the spirit realm. In the beginning it’s normal that your thoughts wander. This is why you need practice and patience. You are on the right track when you are able to block out outside noises and keep your mind focused and free from wandering. You can light a candle and some incense and say a prayer if this helps you to relax.

When you are ready to meditate choose a place where you will not be disturbed, either lay down on your back or sit upright with your legs crossed. If you chose to sit, make sure your back is straight so that you can breathe properly. First, begin breathing slowly, with deep, even breaths. Concentrate on your breathing for a while until you are relaxed.

Begin to visualize your astral home. Your astral home will be a place you return to each time you meditate. Your astral home should be a place that is visually stimulating to you. It can be a real place or one you create in your mind. As you begin to visualize your astral home, concentrate on the surroundings and what they look like in detail. When your astral home is visually complete in your mind, begin to walk around and enjoy it for a moment. Look at everything and touch everything. Next, walk to the center of your astral home and sit down. Take in the surroundings and breathe deeply. Begin focusing on the reason you are meditating. Silently, call in your spirit guide.

Start to open up your awareness of their presence. You may see them, feel their presence, hear them, or somehow just know they are there. When you get a sign that they are with you just remain calm and silently be in their presence for several minutes before you begin talking. In your mind ask your guide if they have a message for you. here you can begin asking simple questions like their name, how many guides you have, etc. the first couple of times you make contact keep it simple, short and to the point. Later when you are more experienced you can go into more detailed questions.

When you are ready to end your meeting go back to your astral home and stay there for a few minutes before opening your eyes.

Once you have found your astral home it can be used for many purposes such as remembering dreams, meditation, a bridge to other worlds, spiritual clearing and self empowerment.

Spirit Guides, Part 1

Spirit guides are spirits or entities who usually have lived in physical body at some time. They are here to accompany you on your journey through life, offering help and support when needed. They watch, guide, teach, heal, and lead you to spiritual awareness. Spirit guides help us find and stay on our chosen path and offer information that exists in the universe that we could not otherwise tap in to.

Our connection to spirits guides are beneficial to us in many ways and we in turn are beneficial to them to grow and evolve in their spiritual journey in the spirit world. We all have spirit guides though most people live their entire lives not knowing they exist or simply refusing to believe what they can’t physically see.

The number of spirit guides varies from person to person. Some people have many guides while others only have one. We each have a primary or master guide who is with us from birth to the time of our death. Many people have other guides who may come and go at different times in our life as they are needed.

Spirit guides can be male or female. They can be people we knew in our past lives that we still in this life have a karmic link to, relatives, friends, and roaming spirits who have taken a liking to you and stays to help you. One of these spirits will be there to greet you at your time of death to help your soul pass to the spiritual world easier.

Besides spirit guides we also have angel guides. Angel guides and spirit guides are not the same. Spirit guides have lived in physical body, angels have not, they are messengers of the Divine but like spirit guides angel guides help and protect us as well.

The presence of spirit guides can be subtle or strong and can communicate to us in a number of ways. They may choose to communicate through dreams giving us answers to questions or problems that we face. They could make you dream a particular situation which is in turn the answer to a problem. They may show the events in your dreams as a direction you should take for a good outcome. Guides can also communicate telepathically or during meditation when your mind is free of distractions.

Some may see or hear them talking as if they were right there in the flesh. Usually if your guide wants to be visible they will appear in a form that is most comfortable for you. If your guide appears in a way that you’re not comfortable with all you have to do is ask that they appear in another less frightening form and they will.

Most commonly guides will communicate through symbols, a flash of light, a certain noise, ideas that come to us, images, a feeling, a particular smell, or by touch. When they touch you it could feel like a soft brushing sensation, a hot or cold feeling, a tingling sensation, or a numbness on the area they are touching. When guides communicate they can put their messages in your mind which comes to you as an idea you had for no particular reason or even a crazy idea that doesn’t make sense to us. They can give us images that play like a motion picture in our minds or like several still life images in a row.

Once you begin your journey communicating with your own spirit guides you will be given signs that they are there. It’s up to you to be in tune and identify the signs given. You will notice pattern of particular signs they give when they are trying to come through. Trust in the signs your given, don’t pass them off as your mind playing tricks on you.

Ruda (Rue)

Hola Espiritistas, Hope everyone is doing well and staying warm. Texas has some freaky weather, we are still warm here. One night it can be freezing and the next day it’s in the 80’s....hmmmmm. Today I am starting some rue seeds indoors so it will be large enough to transplant in the spring. I had a nice one already but the unpredictable weather here caught me off guard and it died.

This is great plant for spiritual cleansings. You can take several small twigs and tie them together to make a hand size herbal broom. The broom is then used to sweep the body in a downwards direction to remove spiritual clutter. I just love this plant! The botanical name is Ruta Graveolens.

Other uses for rue in spiritual work are....
breaking witchcraft, clearing spiritual illness, cleansing, purification, exorcism, business success and to attract customers, money spells, healing, love spells, removing obstacles from one’s path, protection from witchcraft, protection from envy, protection from negative energies, protection from evil spirits, protection from enemies, and protection from night attacks.

Ruda works well with rosemary or basil and the three together create some very powerful results.

Element: Fire
Planet: Mars
Gender: Male
Catholic Saints: St. Ignatius of Loyola
Folk Saints: Maximon, Juan Soldado
Orishas/Loas: Elegba, Chango
Other Deities: Thoth, Hecate

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Spiritual Tool Chest

Holy Water
Holy Water can be sprinkled over tools and other objects to purify and free them of negative energy. After doing spellwork it can be sprayed throughout the home to remove any traces of negativity. Prior to spellwork you can wash your hands in it for protection.

Salt is purifying. It’s good to use after performing spellwork to release any negativity you may have collected. Bathing in salt water after rituals will help to keep you from picking up spiritual clutter.

Incense (spiritual smoke) can be used for spiritually fumigating a person or a place. The choice of incense used determines the desired result.

Charcoal Disks
You will need a supply of charcoal disk used for burning loose incense. These are not the same as the charcoal used in barbeque grills.

Incense Burner
You will need an incense burner or another type of heat proof container to burn incense in. It’s best to have at least two on hand in case you need to burn different incense.

Spray Bottle
A small spray bottle just makes life easier. They can be filled with Holy Water and used to spray yourself, the room or objects. If you get a spray bottle with an adjustment nozzle you will even be able to adjust the amount of water sprayed.

Paper Towels
Another “make life easier” item. Sometimes spellwork requires the use of oils, herbs or powders which at times can get messy and having some paper towels nearby is helpful so that you can easily wipe off your hands. Nothing like doing some serious spellwork and asking the spirits "Uh, hold on a sec so I can wash my hands..."

Small Jars
These can be used in many types of spellwork. If you don’t start a small collection you will wish you had when the time comes when you find yourself looking for one. Baby food jars are the perfect size. I use them for all sorts of stuff like burying something in the ground, or sealing someone inside....hehehe

Spiritual oils sold in botanicas and are supposedly fixed for different purposes. You can purchase a few of the basics like love oil, success oil, money oil, controlling oil or a domination oil, protection oil, or a Saint oil. I like to always have a small bottle of virgin olive oil in stock too since this is an “all-purpose” oil. I prefer making my own that way I know they are good quality....hey, maybe my next blog entry!

Candles are almost always used is spellwork so having a selection of spare candles you’ll always be ready for emergencies.

Candle Holders
For free standing candles I like to use small white plates to set my candles on instead of candle holders.
I use some of the wax drippings to hold the candle in place.

Herbs are not only used as incense but are also used as additives to spellbags and pouches and used to dress candles. The most basic herbs to keep on hand are rosemary, sage, and cinnamon.

Wooden Matches Or A Lighter
You will need to have something to light your candle with...duh! Keep some matches or a special lighter on hand.

Candle Snuffer
Candles employed in spellwork should always be put out with a candle snuffer or pinched out. Never blow out the flame with your own breath. The candle snuffer is nice to have since it reaches down into the glass candles.

Dressmaker’s Pins
Always keep a supply of brand new dressmaker’s pins around, the ones with the color balls on the end. These come in handy for dolls, marking candles, and pinning photos together.

Parchment paper or brown paper bags, I like the brown bags the best. You will need paper for writing requests, names, intentions, etc.

Writing instruments
I usually keep pens with different colors of ink which comes in handy for writing in the color of your intention.....red for love matters, green for money matters, etc.

I always have several of these for protection. Brass ones are more powerful but all of them work well.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Creepy Legends

Some of friends and I were watching a documentary last night about legends....it was only a half hour show but wow, really interesting. Okay, I’m easily amused, but admit it you find them just as interesting as the rest of us.

After the show we all started thinking of different legends. There are a ton of them out there, I can’t even think of them all. Some that come to mind are the Bermuda Triangle, Lachusa, La Llorona, Sasquatch, La Pascualita (the Mexican Corpse Bride), and the famous Chupacabra. If you can think of anymore please remind me of them.

I remember eerie stories of Lachusa from my childhood days. The subject always takes me back in time and today it still gives me the chills...hehehe.

La Luchusa is believed to be a dark, mystical creature associated with people who practice witchcraft. It’s believed that witches who use black magic can transform themselves into large owls. The legend is that these witches have the face of a human and the body of an owl. Not a very popular look for one who is seeking a marriage partner.

Lachusas are believed to be 6 to 7 times larger than the size of an average owl. Some people swear that they have actually seen these creatures. They say that lachusas make a whistling sound which spells trouble. The lachusa will chase you down, attack you and torment you. People also see the lachusa as an omen of death and danger. These outrageous creatures are reported to have powerful beaks, razor sharp claws, and weigh a ton.

No wonder why I don’t like owls! Actually people view the presence of an owl differently, some find them good and others like myself believe them to be bad omens. I don’t see them often but when I do I pray De Las Doce Verdades Del Mundo (The Twelve Truths Of The World) and make a beeline outta there!

The Doce Verdades Del Mundo prayer is very powerful you can pray it for protection, strength, healing....you name it. It’s also a prayer used to strengthen many spells. I have included it in this blog entry for you...but it’s in Spanish. I have never seen an English version of the prayer but for my non-Spanish speaking readers I will do my best to translate it for you in my next entry.....promise.

Las Doce Verdades Del Mundo
Dios Padre, Dios Hijo, Dios Espíritu Santo por los siglos de los siglos. Amen .

De las doce verdades del mundo hermano bueno quiero que me digas una, una es la Casa Santa de Jerusalén donde vivas y reinas para siempre. Amen.

De las doce verdades del mundo hermano bueno quiero que me digas dos, dos son las Tablas de Moisés una es la Casa Santa de Jerusalén donde vives y reinas para siempre. Amen.

De las doce verdades del mundo hermano bueno quiero que me digas tres, tres Trinidades, dos Tablas de Moisés, una es la Casa Santa de Jerusalén donde vives y reinas para siempre. Amen.

De las doce verdades del mundo hermano bueno quiero que me digas cuatro, cuatro Evangelios, tres Trinidades, dos Tablas de Moisés una es la Casa Santa de Jerusalén donde vives y reinas para siempre. Amen.

De las doce verdades del mundo hermano bueno quiero que me digas cinco, cinco yagas, cuatro Evangelios, tres Trinidades, dos Tablas de Moisés una es la Casa Santa de Jerusalén donde vives y reinas para siempre. Amen

De las doce verdades del mundo hermano bueno quiero que me digas seis, seis candeleros, cinco yagas, cuatro Evangelios, tres Trinidades, dos Tablas de Moisés una es la Casa Santa de Jerusalén donde vives y reinas para siempre. Amen.

De las doce verdades del mundo hermano bueno quiero que me digas siete, siete gozos, seis candeleros, cinco yagas, cuatro Evangelios, tres Trinidades, dos Tablas de Moisés, una es la Casa Santa de Jerusalén donde vives y reinas para siempre. Amen .

De las doce verdades del mundo hermano bueno quiero que me digas ocho, ocho coros, siete gozos, seis candeleros, cinco yagas, cuatro Evangelios, tres Trinidades, dos Tablas de Moisés una es la Casa Santa de Jerusalén donde vives y reinas para siempre. Amen.

De las doce verdades del mundo hermano bueno quiero que me digas nueve, nueve, nueve meses, ocho coros, siete gozos, seis candeleros, cinco yagas, cuatro Evangelios, tres Trinidades, dos Tablas de Moisés una es la Casa Santa de Jerusalén donde vives y reinas para siempre. Amen.

De las doce verdades del mundo hermano bueno quiero que me digas diez, diez mandamientos, nueve meses, ocho coros, siete gozos, seis candeleros, cinco yagas, cuatro Evangelios, tres Trinidades, dos Tablas de Moisés una es la Casa Santa de Jerusalén donde vives y reinas para siempre. Amen.

De las doce verdades del mundo hermano bueno quiero que me digas once, once mil vírgenes, diez mandamientos, nueve meses, ocho coros, siete gozos, seis candeleros, cinco yagas, cuatro Evangelios, tres Trinidades, dos Tablas de Moisés una es la Casa Santa de Jerusalén donde vives y reinas para siempre. Amen.

De las doce verdades del mundo hermano bueno quiero que me digas doce, doce apóstoles, once mil vírgenes, diez mandamientos, nueve meses, ocho coros, siete gozos, seis candeleros, cinco yagas, cuatro Evangelios, tres Trinidades, dos Tablas de Moisés una es la Casa Santa de Jerusalén donde vives y reinas para siempre. Amen.

De las doce verdades del mundo hermano bueno quiero que me digas trece, trece rayos del sol conduzcan a las brujas y a las hechiceras a los infiernos y así sea Dios Padre, Dios Hijo, Dios Espíritu Santo por los siglos de los siglos. Amen.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Milagros and a gift from the Curious Curandera

I hope everyone has a happy and safe time bringing in the New Year. We had a great time sitting home and tipping the Champaign bottle and eating black eye peas. Eating black eye peas on new years is supposed to bring good luck in the coming year. I have heard of people eating different things like grapes too. Write and tell me of some of your New Years traditions...I find them all very interesting.

Every New Years I’m struck with a sense of hope, happiness and excitement for the coming year so I would like to talk a little about milagros since they represent many things to me.

Milagros (miracles) are little charms of different shapes and can be used in many ways. You can go in to a church and find these charms attached to Saint Statues or placed at their feet, especially in communities where there is a large number of Hispanics. The charms are offered to the Saints to symbolize a person’s needs or prayer petitions or to give thanks for answered prayers. They are also carried for protection and good luck.

A curandera often fixes and blesses these milagros. Once fixed and blessed the person its given to carries it in their pocket of purse to receive the benefits. If the milagro is fixed and blessed to bring a person good luck the item is then placed inside the home.

Some popular milagros you might see are.....

Heart. This can be used to represent a persons cares, worries, love, Sacred Heart of Jesus, Sacred Heart of Mary, or a heart condition the person may have.
Eyes. This can represent the human eyes, an eye condition, fading eyesight, or protection.
Praying Woman or Man. This can represent an actual person or a Saint.
Woman’s or a Man’s Head. This can be used to represent an actual person, the mind, the brain, head conditions, a headache, or the person’s spirit.
Girl. This can represent a female child either a family member or a friend.
Boy. Same as the girl above.
Arm. This can represent a broken arm or another arm problem, arthritis in the arm, strength, a strong ability to work, or taking the load from someone else to carry yourself.
Leg. This can represent a broken leg or another leg problem, arthritis in the leg, preventing your enemies from nearing you, walking, or taking a trip.
House. This could represent your own home or the home of another person. It could also represent family, togetherness, your search for a new residence, or the selling of a home.
Hen. This can represent someone who “mothers” or “nurtures” another, or someone who watches out for others.
Bull. This can represent a person’s strength, power, force, stamina, endurance, or a person in or wanting a position of power.
Horse. This can represent working hard, good luck or traveling.
Mule. This can represent a person’s stubbornness, one sidedness, or a person who is difficult. It can even represent good luck, prosperity, and happiness.
Dog. This can represent loyalty, friendship, or protection.
Pig. This can represent the food we eat, nourishment for the body, working hard and bringing home the bacon.

So to bring in the New Year with my fellow readers I am offering to send you a fixed and blessed milagro to attract good luck and prosperity for 2009. I fix these myself so I know they truly hold good blessings. Sorry but I only have 8 of them to send out, so the first 8 people who want them are the ones who will get them. Make sure to write me to my email with your mailing address. Do not post your address here on the blog. One more thing, please make sure to make a comment here on the blog that you want the milagro so that other readers will know how many are left for the taking.

For those who do not get the milagros I offer you prayers for good luck and prosperity in 2009. let me know if you want prayer and I will honor it. My altars have a very high amount of positive energy so prayers there are very powerful. Happy New Year Everyone.