Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Curious Curandera Update

The Curious Curandera Courses are once again open for signup. Available courses are

Saint Magic - begins December 14
Spiritual Cleansing - begins December 14
Santa Muerte - begins December 14
Reading The Spanish Cards - begins December 16
Healing Spiritual Illness - begins December 16
Mastering The Art - begins December 16

Visit my website at http://curiouscurandera.com for an outline of each course. Hurry, seats go quick! These courses make great Christmas gifts too ;)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Homemade Floral Waters

Floral WatersFloral waters will not have a very long shelf life if an alcohol is not added to them. Floral waters made only with water and not the added alcohol will grow mold and collect germs and bacteria. The alcohol acts as a preservative and therefore will have an indefinite shelf life. The alcohol also works to preserve the scent of the floral water.

The base liquid for all floral water is the same. This is made by adding an equal mixture of distilled water and vodka. Alternatively, you can use ethyl alcohol instead of vodka. By far the vodka is cheaper and won’t leave your floral waters smelling like booze. If you choose to use vodka (my preference) select one that is at least 60 proof, no less.

InstructionsBasically, you are making a weak tincture. You can make your floral water with one single herb or flower or a combination. The size of the jar you make your floral water in decides how much fragrant water you will get in the end. If you just want a small amount use a small jar. For larger amounts use a bigger jar. Select your herbs or flowers and place them in a glass jar, one that has a screw on lid. Fill the jar halfway with your selected plant material. Fill the jar with the liquid, leaving about one inch of room at the top of the jar for shaking.

Now you will have to allow the contents to blend and the natural oils and fragrance of the plant material to be released. Shake the jar daily. The floral water is ready when it reaches your desired level of fragrance. Once it’s ready, strain out the plant material and store the liquid in its final storage bottle. Some people like to place the jar in a cool, dark place for several days. I prefer to set the jar outdoors in the sun. The option is yours. I find that the sun extracts more of the oil from the plant and the water picks up the fragrance much more quickly. Again, this is just my preference.

Some suggestions for floral waters
Rose petals for rose water
Lavender blooms for lavender water
Rue stems and leaves for rue water
Basil plants and leaves for basil water
Fresh lemon peel for citrus lemon water
Fresh lime peel for citrus lime water
Fresh orange peel for orange water
Honeysuckle petals for honeysuckle water

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Red Brick Dust

I just wanted to share a little bit about red brick dust. This stuff is so awesome that screenwriter, Ehren Kruger, included the use of it in his film “The Skeleton Key”. If you haven’t seen the movie, make it a point to rent it, you’ll love it.

Red brick dust is used for protecting a home, business, or other building. It keeps away negative energy, repels evil, and keeps unwanted and bad people away. The dust can be sprinkled in a line across the entrance of your home, sprinkled on windowsills, added to floorwashes or sachets, etc.

The thing is, I like to make most things myself and trying to grind a brick into powder form can be next to impossible.....at least if you don’t have the right tools on hand.

I found that a small Dremel does the job quickly and easily. Dremel sells a grinding attachment which is used specifically for grinding down stone and brick....just make sure to wear some protective goggles.

This tool makes it almost effortless and gives you as large amount of brick dust in a short amount of time ;)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Online Courses Open

Once again my spiritual courses are open. You can visit my website http://curiouscurandera.com to see the outline of each course and their starting dates. Courses open this time around are...

Mastering The Art
Spiritual Cleansing
Santa Muerte
Saint Magic
Healing Spiritual Illness

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Curious Curandera News

Once again the courses are open for signup. Websitehttp://curiouscurandera.com Online Courses (seats go quick)http://curiouscurandera.com/acatalog/Email_Courses.html Saint Magic = OPEN starts June 13Spiritual Cleansing = OPEN starts June 13*NEW* Santa Muerte = OPEN starts June 13 Mastering the Art = OPEN starts June 17Healing Spiritual Illness = OPEN starts June 17Reading the Spanish Cards = OPEN starts June 17Working with Angel = CLOSEDCrystal Energy = CLOSED

Monday, May 3, 2010


Caution: Poisonous
Scientific Name: Aconitum Napellus
Also Called: Blue Rocket, Cuckoos Cap, Jacobs Chariot, Monkshood, Wolfsbane
Magical Use: Cleansing, Enemy Spellwork, Protection From Negative Energies, Protection From Night Attacks, Protection From Psychic Vampires, Protection From Vampires, Protection From Werewolves, Purification, Remove Past Energies From A Space, Stop Gossip And Slander, To Draw Attention Away From Yourself
Ruling Element: Earth
Ruling Planet: Saturn
Ruling Sign: Capricorn & Aquarius
Ruling Day: Saturday
Gender: Female
Substitution: Tobacco
Quick Use: Place the herb in a glass jar and cover with water. Leave the jar outdoors in the sun for 24 hours. Strain out the herb and use the liquid to dress spell candles.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Just a quick update on my Curious Curandera website.

I have just opened a brand new course on working with SANTA MUERTE.

Check it out at http://curiouscurandera.com

Also the Saint Magic Course and the Mastering The Art Course is once again open.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Spiritual Folk Illness

Over the past several months I have almost been overwhelmed with requests for help from people suffering from a variety of spiritual illnesses. Many of them go on to explain their anxiety over the economy. Every week more and more people are losing their jobs, hours being cut, or the fear of their employer downsizing. From the emails I receive there seems to be an epidemic of anger, anxiety and emotional stress. As more and more people experience a lack of financial stability, more and more illnesses arise. In my opinion this excess of stress, worry, and fear is affecting the core of the person...the soul.

Hardship also leads those with less than ethical reason to strike out. Increasingly you must watch out for and protect yourself from spiritual attacks, evil spirits, enemies, hexers, and those who wish us harm. As resources (jobs, money, food, etc) may become short, there will be those that take advantage of good will, unsuspecting and weaker individuals. Awareness of these possibilities is crucial to safeguarding yourself and your family and friends.

Let me explain in more detail...

I use the term SPIRITUAL ILLNESS or FOLK ILLNESS to describe a psychical, emotional, or spiritual condition which manifested through outside (unnatural) forces. Although stemming from an unnatural force, spiritual illnesses are felt and experienced just the same as any other “natural” illness.

Spiritual illnesses are not recognized by Western Medicine. Try going to a Western Medical Doctor to treat a case of Mal de Ojo (The Evil Eye) and you’ll probably get referred to the nearest psychiatrist office, and quick.

The Western Medical practitioners who know what the Evil Eye is simply see it as a silly superstition. Western Medicine simply doesn’t address health problems attributed to nonscientific causes.

Because every spiritual illness displays its own set of symptoms, Western Medical Doctors are very likely to “label” the spiritual illness according to the symptoms the person is experiencing. For instance, Doctor “so-and-so” may label “Evil Eye” as a phobia, or he may label the patient as being a hypochondriac. Susto may be labeled as depression. Mal Puesto (witchcraft) may be labeled as anxiety. Thus, the Doctor will give treatment for something the patient probably doesn’t have and most likely prescribe pharmaceuticals that the patient may not need. I’m not saying that a person should not seek medical advice nor trust their doctor’s opinions. In the previous cases, it is not their fault that Doctors are not trained in spiritual issues.

There are many known folk illnesses. Some of them include:
Spirit Possession
Susto (soul loss)
Ataque de Nervios (dramatic outbursts of negative emotions, usually spiritual in nature)
Mal Puesto (witchcraft, hexing)
Tristeza (overwhelming sadness)
Decaimientos (fatigue, usually spiritual in nature)
Envidia (the effect of strong envy)
Mal de Ojo (evil eye)
Generational Curse (problems passed down in the family line)
Espanto (fright, a more severe case of susto)
Pesar (grief)
Mal Suerte (bad luck)
Penas (overwhelming shame)
Barrevillos (obsessions, usually spiritual in nature)

These are just a few.

Since we are created both physically AND spiritually, oftentimes a spiritual illness, even though un-natural, can lead to physical illnesses. The same holds true for physical illnesses. Because everything has an energy to it, including real physical illnesses, such as high fever, fatigue, arthritis, and terminal conditions these real illnesses can cause spiritual illness as well. In these cases a spiritual illness can manifest because of the negative energy surrounding the physical illness. Even when the physical illness runs its course and the person gets better the energy of the illness can linger behind, affecting the person’s aura or spiritual body.

The emails I have been receiving encouraged me to finish up another online course I started but never completed. How To Heal Spiritual Illnesses. Having the knowledge of dealing with such problems is indispensable. It will be open soon for those interested.

Please arm yourself with the knowledge of spiritual illnesses and guard yourself from the actions of those that would use them against you.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Natural Magic

All things are made up of energy and in return everything reacts to it. Colors correspond to sound and light. Subconsciously we are drawn to certain colors that we need to reach balance and healing. This can be colors that we call our “favorites”, colors we like to wear, colors we paint our homes, or the color of your favorite food. At the same time color plays a part in our health, our emotions, and our wellbeing.

Numerous studies have been done to prove the theory that color has a strong affect on us. Classrooms painted blue calmed disruptive and aggressive children. The Johns Hopkins Medical University in Baltimore, found that surrounding overweight patients with pink suppressed the appetite and stopped stress related snacking. Violent prisoners who were placed in pink cells were dramatically calmer. And that’s not all. There have been many more studies which have proved the theory.

You can easily apply the benefits the color spectrum by wearing certain colors in your wardrobe. Change them to fit your day, what you want to achieve, and how you want to feel.

Wearing blue helps us feel calm. It also enhances communication between people. And believe it or not, when you wear blue it lowers the blood pressure. This would be a great color to wear when you have an important meeting that has you feeling nervous about. It’s also a good choice if you are going to be dealing with someone who is less than cooperative. When going to a job interview blue is the best color to wear. It gives the impression that you are confident, professional and competent.

Blacks And Grays
Wearing any of these colors can cause some people to feel depressed. That is the very reason people wear black to funerals. It’s a color of sadness and mourning. If you are one of these people its best to stay away from these shades as much as possible. On the other hand these dark colors do have an advantage. Blacks and grays can also give us self-confidence.

Green shades tend to have a soothing quality. It gives us a sense of harmony. Greens relax the mind, body, and spirit. Anyone who suffers from depression, anxiety, or nervousness should wear this color often. This is a good color choice when you want to relax and enjoy your vacation or to de-stress over the weekend.

Orange is high energy and because of this some people find it hard to wear. People who are dieting should avoid this color altogether since it stimulates the appetite. It transfers to us a feeling of fun, excitement, and playfulness, a sort of child-like nature. Because of this it should be worn sparingly because too much playfulness can make us lose track of responsibility and stay on track. This would be an ideal color for a child who finds it hard to make friends.

Pink makes us compassionate and gives us an open heart. This is a great color for both males and females. Wearing pink makes us more able to feel connected to someone. For those on a diet pink should be worn often since it helps curb the appetite. For those that suffer from muscle tightness, tension, and stress pink clothing helps improve these irritations.

Purple is one of the colors that will not blend well with business. It gives the impression that you want attention, which is not good in the workplace. On the other hand this is a good color when you want to pamper yourself. People who suffer from migraines will find relief by wearing any shade of purple.

Red is a color of power. It helps us feel confident and energized. Those that have low self esteem and lack self confidence will find that red will give them a needed boost. Wearing red after a hard days work will give you a boost of energy to spend with the family or to tackle a project that can’t wait. Be careful with this color since wearing too much of it can make you intimidating to others. This is another color that dieters should be aware of since red increases the appetite.

Yellow helps us to feel cheerful and happy. This color will lift the spirits and helps to bring mental clarity. This is the perfect color to wear when you have to sort though problems or solve an important issue. People who suffer from depression will find yellow very helpful. Anyone who is studying, taking exams, or needing to learn something new should wear yellow since its known to improve the memory. Again dieters, watch out for this color since it does stimulate the appetite.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Magical Stones

These are some of my favorite stones that I use in spellbags, worn, or carried for their abilities. Thought I’d share :-)

Angelic Communication, Attracting Love, Attracting Money, Balancing Energy, Concentration, Business Success, Contacting Spirit Guides, Courage, Creativity, Meditation, Dream Recall, Easing Grief, Intuition, Focus, Good Judgment, Good Luck, Grounding, Happiness, Willpower, Making Wise Decisions, Legal Problems, Peace, Prophetic Dreams, Protection During Travel, Protection From Negative Energies, Protection From Witchcraft, Spiritual Development, Stability, Stop Nightmares

Spiritual Healing, Good Luck, Breaking Bad Habits, Business Success, Clairvoyance, Clarity, Clearing Negative Energy, Intuition, Encouraging Kindness, Leadership Abilities, Power, Prophecy, Prosperity, Psychic Visions, Strength

Love, Meditation, Fidelity, Protection Form Gossip, Protection While Traveling Over Water

Contacting Spirit Guides, Divination, Enhancing Communication Skills, Increasing Psychic Abilities, Inducing Psychic Visions, Passing Exams, Prophetic Dreams, Purification, Retaining Information, Seeing The Truth

Abundance, Attracting Money, Court Cases, Decision Making, Good Fortune, Grounding, Justice, Prosperity, Protection From Evil Spirits, Protection From Nightmares, Protection From The Evil Eye, Purification, Removing Obstacles, Strengthening Spellwork, Success

Protection While Traveling Over Water, Protection From Evil, Protection From Gossip, Self Esteem, Willpower

Career And Business Success, Clearing Negativity, Courage, Enhancing Writing Skills, Fertility, Finding A Compatible Relationship, Focus, Good Luck, Grounding, Harmony, Protection From Envy, Protection From Evil, Protection From Negative Energy, Protection From Nightmares, Sexuality, Willpower

Abundance, Attracting Love, Balance, Business Success, Clarity, Meditation, Enhancing Psychic Abilities, Fidelity, Good Fortune, Growth, Harmony, Higher Awareness, Inspiration, Peace, Prophecy, Protection From Negative Energy, Seeing The Truth, Spiritual Wisdom, Stopping Nightmares

Calming, Comprehension, Courage, Energizing, Favorable Legal Matters, Focus, Grounding, Happiness, Logical Thinking, Peace, Protection From Evil, Protection From Negative Energies, Psychic Awareness, Self Control, Self Esteem, Successful Relationships, Vitalizing, Willpower

Herkimer Diamond
Spirit Communication

Attracting Love, Attracting Money, Business Success, Fidelity

Protection, Purification, Clearing Away Negative Energy, Protection From Evil, Overcoming Fear, Protection From Being Possessed, Protection From Storms

Grounding, Stabilizing, Clarity, Studying, Confidence, Willpower, Calming, Better Concentration

Abundance, Attracting Love, Balancing Energies, Business Success, Intuition, Fidelity, Flexibility, Good Fortune, Grounding, Patience, Prosperity, Protection During Travel, Protection From The Evil Eye, Spiritual Growth, Nightmares

Better Communication, Clairaudience, Discouraging Procrastination, Intuition, Good Luck, Happiness, Insight, Inspiration, Peace, Spiritual Awareness, Spiritual Guidance, Spiritual Wisdom And Knowledge, Willpower

Attracting Love, Attracting Positive Energy, Compassion, Meditation, Expansion, Growth, Happiness, Individuality, Kindness, Motivation, Overcoming Fear, Problem Solving, Protection, Reaching Goals

Good Luck, Good Fortune, Power, Strength, Wealth, Attracting Love, Marriage, Encouraging Commitment, Loyalty, Grounding, Better Communication, Overcoming Fear Of Public Speaking, Peace, Encouraging Positive Thinking, Increase