Thursday, February 12, 2009

V-Day Aphrodisiacs and Romance

Hey Peeps, here are some more LOVE-LY ideas to get gear up for the big Valentine’s Day right around the corner. Romance your partner and get some romance in return...yes even brujas and brujos need some lovin to keep the spirits energized.

For The Guys
Magical lust cologne to attract women*
7 dropperfuls of extra virgin** olive oil
5 drops sandalwood oil
4 drops patchouli oil
1 drop ginger
Drop 3 catnip leaves inside the bottle

For The Gals
Magical lust cologne to attract men*
7 dropperfuls of extra virgin** olive oil
4 drops ylang ylang oil
2 drops rose oil
1 drop sandalwood oil
Drop 3 rose petals inside the bottle

Excitement Bath*
(say no more....hehehe)
Mix the following in a tub of bath water.
¼ cup honey
6 drops ylang ylang oil
2 drops bergamot oil

*Most herbal stores/health food stores stock the above ingredients.
** Caution! You won’t be for long.

Do as the rabbits do..... hehe
Eat carrots! I know you were thinking of something else.....but first eat the carrots. Did you know that raw carrots are a great aphrodisiac for men? Yeah, even back in ancient time carrots symbolized male sexuality and the high vitamins and beta-carotene are believed to be male stimulants.

Pine Nuts
Yet another hot food item....pine nuts! Pine nuts have zinc mineral which is necessary to maintain male potency which pine nuts happen to be loaded pun intended.

So now you guys are screaming “what about us, Concha!”. Well guys, you can feed your favorite gal any of these food items. They are all known to stimulate the female system: nuts, coconut milk, cheese, strawberries, bananas, or chocolate...hmmmmm maybe that’s why these are so popular on Valentine’s Day. Honestly, finger foods (any finger foods) are the way to go!!!

On another note, I would like to thank everyone for the overwhelming interest in the email courses. They are just about filled up and I know everyone will learn a lot. Have a GREAT V-Day!!!

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