Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mind-Body-Spirit Connection - Energy Healing

For those of you who have visited my website you have noticed the free informational documents I have there. I have been getting a lot of emails from inquiring minds recently asking me about the Homeopathy doc and why I included it. Okay fair enough, so I’ll explain.

As a Curandera I am very involved in healing, among many other things...(shhh) Over the years I have seen many people who suffer with health problems who cannot afford medical care because of the outrageous cost. Some of these people have been prescribed medications which eventually caused further problems. It’s really wonder why these guys drive Mercedes.

On the spiritual side of things, energy is within everything. The energy of illness can remain long after the illness is gone. This energy is disruptive and can cause many disturbances in ones life. In order to remove the lingering affects of illness a limpia (spiritual cleansing) is the only way to free it from the body. Because of the powerful way energies alone play a role in life I fully believe that healing must be approached as a whole....mind-body-spirit....the three are interconnected, not separate areas. You simply can’t heal illness in one area without regard to the remainder.

This mind-body-spirit connection is seen not only in healing but also in spellwork and other spiritual undertakings. For instance, when someone is doing spellwork to increase the success of a business they will usually include spiritual cleansing of the structure (floor washing) and possibly on themselves as well (spiritual bathing).

In my search for helping the sick (outside of energy healing) I have only come across one other method of medical treatment which closely resembles my belief in the mind-body-spirit approach. This method is Homeopathy. Homeopathy heals with the “energy” of a substance, nothing like Western Medicine where years later the pharmaceuticals prescribed are found to cause major damage to the body (by suppression). Homeopathy is an all natural (not herbal) form of treatment which actually “cures” illness instead of suppressing it.

Homeopathy fits in quite well to spiritual healing in that it uses energy in healing. Its method stimulates what is termed the “Vital Force” of the individual and centers on a balance between mind, body and spirit. In this way, Homeopathy corroborates my understanding and has expanded my knowledge of healing to a marked degree.

Homeopathy is also safe, natural, and very affordable....costing only pennies for acute treatment compared to the hundreds or thousands of dollars spent on Western Physicians who only “suppress” illness, never “curing” it. Read many of the over the counter medications and they confess to the “suppression” right on the label (cough suppressant). A popular pharmaceutical TV commercial says “it’s all about suppression”. One good thing is that anyone can learn this method of healing without having to become a doctor in order to use it. But the best thing is that it “cures” and is very affordable to those people I have met who can’t afford medical doctors and suffer because of it.

This idea of suppression is very fundamental to our normal medical system, yet is a double edged sword to the problem of illness. Consider that you have a boiling pot that represents the symptoms of illness. You put a lid on that pot (suppressing it). No more symptoms. But, the boiling just looks for another outlet. The symptoms just change to something else to find an outlet. Then they are suppressed again. It is a vicious circle.

The whole idea of mind-body-spirit is very important in achieving balance in every aspect of living. On a spiritual level the mind-body-spirit idea strengthens spellwork to a great extent because it connects each of these areas giving power to the work. As many of you already know the more items you can connect to the person the stronger your work will be.

Because of my strong belief in the mind-body-spirit connection in all aspects of life (physical and spiritual), I include homeopathic principles. I myself have found it to be a very effective for my own needs and work. If any of my readers are interested in leaning more about this, there is a great Homeopath whom I am associated with here on blogspot. He is the one who helped me write the Homeopathic document on my website and is a wealth of information on the subject.

I hope this answers the questions people have been asking me about the subject. As always, keep the questions coming....I love ‘em!

Saludos (best wishes)

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