Friday, October 16, 2009

Folk Magic: Protection

With Halloween just around the corner being protected from evil spirits and enemies is important, especially for the spiritual worker. This is a powerful day for enemies to conjure up entities to do harm or take revenge on unsuspecting victims. Being prepared will help to ward off these attacks. Geeezzz, the life of a spiritual worker is never ending. The good news is, because Halloween is such a powerful day for spellwork, it’s also a good to do “good” magic too. This is the one day of the entire year that offers the spellworker an unlimited amount of spirits that are willing to help you out in your quest.

To Be Protected From Your Enemies For An Entire Year
Get a glass jar with a screw top lid. Paint the inside of the jar with black paint, including the bottom. Place 9 rusty nails inside the jar, 9 broken pieces of jagged glass, 9 cactus needles, and 9 black peppercorns. Get a piece of brown paper bag and rip round the edges 9 times so that there are no “straight edges”, each time ripping “away” from you, not towards you. On the paper write the enemy’s name 9 times, each on its own line. Now place a single drop of bats blood oil on each of the names (for a total of 9 drops). Using an eyedropper makes this easier. Get two black dressmakers pins and stick them through the names to form a large “X”. Place the paper inside the jar and seal it shut. The jar is to be buried in the cemetery at either 9am or 9pm.

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