Monday, January 21, 2013

God's Eye (Ojo de Dios)

Chances are you’ve made one yourself as a youngster.  The God’s Eye is a very spiritual tool.  It can be used for protection from enemies, protection from evil or it could be used symbolically as God’s guidance, His presence, and His watching over you.

The God’s Eye can be either a simple woven design over two sticks or it can be a far more complex design woven over 3, 4, 5, or more sticks. It’s believed to have started with the Huichol Indians.  The Huichol call their hand crafted God’s Eyes “Sikuli”, which means “the power to see and understand things unknown”.

There is also a birthing ritual which takes 5 years to complete.  When a woman gives birth, the father weaves the central eye of a brand new God’s Eye.  The next year, on the child’s birthday, one more eye is added, and then every year another eye is added.  This goes on until the child’s 5th birthday.   The God’s Eye was then hung on the wall and used in ceremonies and prayer.

Waiting until the birth of the child and crafting only one section per year was a way to “personalize” the protective Eye especially for the baby.  It became a protective talisman which also served to bless the child with well being, and a long and healthy life.

The entire construction of the God’s Eye was carefully planned. Colors were chosen for specific purposes ..... RED symbolized life ..... YELLOW symbolized the sun, the moon, and the stars ..... BLUE symbolized the heavens and the bodies of water ..... BROWN symbolized the earth, the soil ..... GREEN symbolized vegetation ..... and BLACK symbolized death.

The finished God’s Eye is shaped like a cross.  The four points of the God’s Eye represent the four elements ..... fire, water, earth, and air.

Larger God’s Eyes can be crafted and placed on the altar.  These larger Eyes represent a large shield and symbolize the crafters strength or protection from evil forces.  The shield could also symbolize a blocking of temptations or a protective shield from spiritual distractions.

You can purchase beautiful God’s Eyes in just about any size you want but I’m a firm believer in crafting what you can yourself.  For those of you who have taken my Santa Muerte Course I talk about this over and over again, and I’m going to repeat myself here ...... Anything You Make Holds More Power Than Something You Can Purchase. Creating A Spiritual Tool Or Item With Your Own Two Hands Personalizes That Item With Your Own Essence, Intention, And Spirit. It’s An Extension Of Yourself ..... My suggestion? Make it yourself!

There are hundreds of instructional websites that will walk you step by step in creating your own God’s Eye, Some simple and others more elaborate.  Choose your colors according to what your God’s Eye will be used for and by all means personalize it with your own items such as beads, small squares of mirror, crystals, gemstones, feathers, shells, seals, sigils, symbols, berries, roots, herbs, dried flowers, and other materials.

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