Wednesday, September 18, 2013

St Theresa Crown of Thorns for Protection

Take a long stem from the crown of thorns plant and strip off the leaves, leaving only the thorns.  Fill a container with Holy Water.  Bend the stem into a circle and secure it with red ribbon (wear gloves to protect your hands). Take the crown of thorns you just made and submerge it in the Holy Water.  Light a candle to St Theresa, placing the candle in the center of the crown (still in the water). Below is the prayer I use.

Glorious St Theresa,
I invoke you and ask that you touch this crown
And fill it with your protective shield
(in a clockwise direction sprinkle your favorite protective herb or oil over the crown)
Allow this symbol to be powerful protection
Against all dangers, seen and unseen
Against all evil and against all harm. Amen

Allow the candle to burn.

There are several ways to use the crown.  It can be hung over a bed or a doorway to provide protection.  If you know of someone who needs protection you can place the crown over their picture to shield them. You can then throw the water on your front porch.

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