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Cleansings in Curanderismo

Cleansings in Curanderismo

A limpia (spiritual cleansing) refers to the removal of negativity within the body, mind, spirit and/or surroundings.  It’s believed that negativity (anything that upsets the mind-body-spirit balance) comes from a variety of sources and is encountered every single day.  It can be found in one’s lifestyle, habits, environment, surroundings, traumatic events, spirits, or spellwork cast upon you.  Physical illnesses can leave behind a negative effect long after the named illness is gone.  People you cross paths with during the course of the day can also leave their mark on you causing a spiritual illness or just simply picking up some of their spiritual mess.

In Curanderismo everything is made up of energy.  Every object around us, your thoughts, emotions, fears, illnesses, actions, and even your words are made up of energy.  Ever notice how someone’s words can stay with us for years?  Ever sense an argument between two people?  Ever been in a fantastic mood then be brought down by someone who wasn’t?  Ever had a fight with someone and years later it still makes you mad?  Ever feel the “seriousness” in a court house?  In a hospital?  It’s all energy.

The human body acts like a sponge which absorbs some of the energy of everything we cross paths with.  The affect of all these different types of energy accumulate in our own essence and cause all sorts of things to happen.  Once these energies are absorbed they cannot be released on their own.  The only way to rid yourself of these energies is through spiritual cleansing, a sort of spiritual hygiene, to clear away unwanted clutter.

Different tools can be used during the cleansing ritual, such tools include but are not limited to, raw unbroken eggs, brass crucifixes, lemons, limes, fresh herbs, tobacco, special herbal liquids, dry herbs, holy water, and fumigation.  Each tool works in much the same way as the other yet each of them bring a different type of strength to the spiritual experience.  I’ll briefly go over what some of these methods are used for.

Egg Cleansings Are Good For.....
All purpose, basically all problems at a mild level, general maintenance, spiritual illness, after a psychical illness, fatigue, stress, road opener, hidden obstacles, bad luck, nightmares, bad habits

The egg in its raw form has a natural ability to absorb “things that don’t belong”.  Prayers and/or the help from spirit add to the cleansing ritual.  Sometimes the recipients name is written directly on the egg to create a link.  When the healer is faced with a client who has a physical known problem in a certain part of the body the healer may write the name of the Saint on the egg who is patron over that specific area of the body.  For instance, the client has a problem in the breast; the spiritual healer may choose to write St Agatha on the egg since she is the patron of breast cancer, and other breast problems.  You call in the aide of a particular Saint in order to work on a specific problem area.

Also, the raw egg is known to explode during a cleansing when it comes in contact with a person who is carrying around strong, aggressive energy.  During a spiritual cleansing if the egg absorbs too much negativity at once it becomes so full of spiritual dirt and debris that the egg can explode right in the healer’s hand. 

Herb Cleansings Are Good For....
Same as the egg cleansing

Cleansings can be preformed with bundles of freshly picked herbs which are tied together with white or red sting to hold them together.  Once the bundle is tied....making a small type of hand held broom.....  It’s sprinkled with Holy Water and prayed over, asking for guidance and help to restore the person to their healthy, normal state.  The herbal broom is used to sweep downwards over the body to remove negativity within.  Herbal brooms can be made from one single herb or a combination of herbs.  My personal preference is a combination of rosemary, rue, and pine twigs.

Crucifix Cleansings Are Good For....
Same as the egg but with the added benefit of having a closer connection with your own spirit helpers… to break dark spellwork, the evil eye, punish enemies, exorcism of demonic powers and evil spirits.

Sometimes the healer may give a cleansing with the use of a large hand held Crucifix.  Not only is the Crucifix a very effective tool for removing dark arts but its effectiveness is greatly enhanced if it is made of brass or another kind of metal as opposed to wood or plastic. 
With the Crucifix “passes” over the body are made in small Crosses as opposed to the downward sweeping motions you would make if you were using an egg or an herbal broom.

Citrus Cleansings Are Good For....
Breaking spellwork, stubborn energies that linger after attempting removal, fears, phobias, mental disturbances, nightmares.

Fresh uncut lemons or limes can be used not only to remove stagnant and stubborn energies but are a powerful defense against brujeria (witchcraft).  Lemons and limes can break the effects of spells, curses and hexes.  The disposal for citrus is with fire.

Fumigation (smudging) Cleansings Are Good For....
Same as the egg but specifically for soul loss

This method of cleansing is most favored by those who like working more with nature since it brings the four elements to the spiritual exercise.  First, you have the energy of the plant itself and the element of EARTH.  Secondly you have the representation and element of FIRE (the burning charcoal).  Third you bring in the element of AIR (the smoke itself).  And lastly if you incorporate the spraying of Holy Water afterwards, you have the element of WATER.  Together in a spiritual cleansing creates a powerful combination of the four elements.  But since the body is a representation of all on earth (ashes to ashes, dust to dust) makes the spiritual fumigation perfect for recovering from soul loss.

I hope this answers some questions, inspires new ideas, and helps you in your own spiritual journey.  Many blessings.

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