Friday, April 7, 2017

Simple and Effective Ways To Cast Stronger, Longer Lasting Spells

Here are some tips to making your spellwork stronger acting and longer lasting.  The extra work involved makes the difference in a weak outcome and an outcome with a BANG!

The effects of a good thorough cleansing can have such a great impact on spellwork.  In my opinion its one of the most important beginning and ending steps that one can take to influence a positive and desirable outcome.  Use whatever method of cleansing you normally would, just don’t skip it altogether and don’t rush the cleansing process.  Cleanse, cleanse, and cleanse in order to clear away negativities, to make yourself, your space, and the tools you use pure and fit for the spiritual work ahead.  Cleanse in the beginning and at the end of a job.  Why start a job with obstacles in the beginning and why end a job with unneeded energies right?

People often associate meditation with long periods of sitting cross-legged on the floors chanting “OM”.  This is not always the case.  The fact is you can spend as little as 10 minutes in a meditative state and still greatly gain from it.  Meditation trains the mind.  Not only is there health benefits that can be gained from it but it also enables us to focus, concentrate, visualize, and connect.  All the things needed in spiritual work.  Meditation reaches far within, beyond the conscious and subconscious mind and begins drawing on the finer energies that reside at the deeper levels of the super-conscious mind.  Here there is an infinite source of energy.  In meditative states we are aware and able to receive messages from other realms.  It sharpens our inner vision and multiplies our inner hearing.  Meditation conditions the mind to become more receptive to information. In spellwork meditation, visualization, and intention are used to direct the energy of spells.

Mental Imaging/Visualization
Creative visualization is the art of changing negative thinking for positive images and creating what we desire.  Some know this as manifestation.  By thinking of the good things you want to happen as part of a regular routine, you're creating a positive energy.  Instead of observing a situation you want changed, visualize the situation as you want it to be.  The mind produces some of the most powerful energy known.  When we visualize something, we are creating a new energy.  In spellwork the most critical tool you have at your disposal is your mind.   Just like any other tool it requires maintenance to keep it in shape.  The power of your spellwork is a reflection of your spiritual strength.

Personal Concerns
Personal concerns, items that personally belong or come from the person on whom spellwork is intended for, empowers a spell.  The more personal items you have, the stronger the connection.  These items enliven the spellwork at hand, gives dimension, and fills it with the life essence of the target person.  If you have access to personal items its worth the time and effort to collect them.  Some items which as powerful in spellwork include things such as hair (from any part of the body), unwashed clothing, and body fluids.  You could probably come up with a lot more if you think about it.  When searching for personal items try looking in odd places such as a hairbrush (hair), trash cans (hair, body fluids on paper), sheets (hair, skin), hats (hair), etc.

Don’t forget to add some items that are symbolic of your desired outcome.  These can be trinkets or printed images.  For instance, it you are working a money drawing spell try including images of money bags or printed hundred bills.  For love related work you could include images of happy couples or hearts.  If your goal is for marriage to take place include pictures of a bride and groom, an engagement ring, or a wedding ceremony.  For prosperity spells or to remove obstacles try small pad locks (leave them open, not locked) or keys. Use your imagination.

Moon Phase
For those who aren’t heavily in to incorporating planetary aspects into spellwork a very simple and quick method is to begin spellwork by the moon phases.  Just remember that when the goal of the spell is to remove, rid, shrink, or send something away begin the work during the waning moon phase.  When the goal of the spell is to attract, bring, grow, or increase something begin the work during the phase of the waxing moon.

Faith/Think Positive
In all spellwork having faith is of great importance.  Don’t allow negative thinking to come in to play.  Believe that your spell will work to your desired outcome.  If a negative thought presents itself chase it away immediately.  Thinking negatively only weakens you.

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