Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Santa Muerte

Awwwwe, Santa Muerte, I work with her for love, and protection. My altar to her always has a vase of fresh flowers and gifts are placed at her feet. I like to spoil her and I think she likes the attention. She works amazingly well for bringing back a lost love. My Santa Muerte Love Oil I use to dress love candles and I will usually dab the feet of her statue with some of it too. I came across a lonely woman who wanted a loving companion but could never meet anyone. I gave her some of this oil and told her to make a cross with the oil on the palms of her hands and on the souls of her feet and within two weeks she calls me all excited that she met 3 guys who have taken an interest in her. Way to go Santa Muerte!!! Here is the recipe I use, I call it the Santa Muerte Magnet Of Attraction.....seems fitting doesn’t it?
¼ teaspoon Ylang Ylang oil
¼ teaspoon Rose oil
7 drops Lavender oil
2 drops Orange oil
1 tablespoon base oil
When it’s all mixed up in a small bottle place the oil near her image and dedicate it to her. Ask her to make it really strong leave it with her for 7 hours and use the oil to make a cross on your palms and soles of your feet. Hope this helps some of you. Until next time.....


Vi said...

I just discovered your blog and will be happily reading thru all your posts. I'm finally ready to practice as I'm in a better place mentally and spiritually. Thank you for your wisdom.For your oils do you use essential oil? Thank you! Have a beautiful day.

Curious Curandera said...

I'm terribly sorry for the late response Vi. Yes, use essential oils.