Monday, August 25, 2008

Saint Michael Protection

We could all use a good dose of protection in our life. Here is how to fix a Saint Michael Medal for protection.
Saint Michael Medal
A chain
Holy water
A small bowl
Charcoal disk
Votive candle
Heatproof container for burning the charcoal
3 king’s incense
Red dressmakers pin, the pins with the little colored balls on top
The best time to do this is during the waxing moon, this moon phase is for inviting something towards you, in this case protection. Carve the Star of David on four sides of the candle with the dressmakers pin. If you don’t know what the Star of David looks like go look it up on the internet! Light the candle and burn the 3 king’s incense. Place the medal and the chain inside the bowl and pour some holy water into it, enough to cover the medal and chain. Place the bowl near the burning candle. Recite 3 Our Fathers and 3 Glory Be’s. Pick up the bowl and pass it through the incense smoke, making sure that the smoke comes in contact with all sides of the bowl. Now in your own words say a prayer to Saint Michael asking him for protection. When you’re finished with the prayer spend a couple of minutes concentrating on the candle flame. Now take the candle and allow some of the wax to drip into the bowl of holy water. Set the candle back down and allow it to burn until it goes out keeping the bowl next to it. When the candle is consumed take the medal and chain and hang it around your neck. Do not dry it off, allow it to dry on its own. There you have it folks. Until next time....stay well.

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