Saturday, April 4, 2009

San Ramon Spell: To Stop Gossip

You need:
1 printed photo of San Ramon or a prayer card
1 glass encased San Ramon candle
1 new dime
1 black dressmakers pin
The person name who is doing the gossip written on paper in black ink
A small piece of fresh chili pepper (any kind, the hotter the better)
a wad of chewing gum (already chewed by you)

With the black dressmakers in carve the name of the person who is doing the gossiping around the wick of the candle. Light the candle to San Ramon and say the prayer that is printed on the back of the candle.

Next take the photo of San Ramon and stick the wad of chewing gum over his mouth and place the dime over the gum. The dime should be face up. The gum should hold the dime in place but if it doesn’t you can hold it down with a piece of clear tape.

Take the name of the gossiper written on the paper with black ink and set the small piece of chili pepper over the center of the name. Then wrap the name paper around the chili. And say..... “(name of person) your mouth will burn like fire every time you say my name.”

Place everything in front of the candle. Allow the candle to burn for as long as you wish every day. At least once a day pick up the image with the chewing gum and say..... “(name of person) by the power of San Ramon....shut your mouth!” And then pick up the name paper with the chili and say the same thing as before. Continue this daily ritual until the candle is consumed.

HaHa.....if you see someone drinking lots of water you know why!

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