Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Honey Jar Spell

The honey jar can be used for influencing someone with kindness. Use it for sparking someone’s interest in you, for a boss to give you a raise or promotion, for recognition, or to settle disputes.

Glass Jar With Lid
Taper Candle
Spiritual Oil
White Dressmakers Pin
Targets Photo
Personal Items Optional
White Plate

Select the appropriate oil for your goal. If you are making a honey jar for romantic goals use a love or romance oil. If the jar is for influencing your boss use a money or special favors oil. You can also use crown of success oil for pretty much anything.

I like to dress the inside of the jar with oil first, covering the entire inside of the jar and the underside of the lid. Next take the targets photo (the person the work is being done on ;-) and dress the four corners with the oil.

If you don’t have a photo of the person you can write their name on a piece of paper torn from a brown bag. I like to rip the paper.... straight edges give me the willies. Place the photo or name paper in the jar. If you have any other personal items that belong to the target person such as nail clippings, hair, place those in the jar too.

Other items you can add are honeysuckle or rose petals for love and romance, a short description of a desired pay raise for bosses, a silver coin for asking money favors.

Now drop some sugar on top of the items to cover. I like to use white sugar for people who have light complexions, light brown sugar for medium complexions, and dark brown sugar for dark complexions. Now fill the entire jar with honey. Place the lid on the jar and then set the jar on top of the white plate.

Take the dressmakers pin and carve the side of the candle with a very short description of your desire. Dress the candle with the oil from the bottom up and stick the dressmakers pin lengthwise in the center of the candle.

Light the candle and allow some of the wax to fall on the center of the lid in order to hold the candle in place. You will need to have a lot of wax on the lid so that the candle doesn’t fall over.

Candle color 101.....use red for romantic goals, green for money or white for all purpose

If you have opted to write the targets name on paper this is how it’s done. Write the targets full name 7 times, each one on its own line. Women’s names should include the maiden name if possible and men’s names should include any tag names such as Sr or Jr. Now turn the paper to the right 90 degrees and write your entire name over the targets name 9 times, again each on its own line. The finished names will resemble a “cross” or a “grid”.

Your name is written OVER the targets name and written MORE times as a symbol of dominance over the person.

Allow the candle to burn for 9 minutes every day until it is consumed. It should take several days before the candle is fully used. This is enough time for your desire to manifest. Once the candle is gone, place the plate and jar in a protective bag...I just use a grocery bag.....and save it somewhere safe from nosey people. You can light another candle on top of it if you need to later.

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