Friday, May 29, 2009

Preparing a New Statue

When bringing a new statue into your home it should first be properly prepared..... not only to remove the mixture of accumulated outside energies but to also personalize the image or to dedicate it for a special use. There are many ways you can achieve this personalization.

The first thing that should be done is to spiritually fumigate the image to clean away unwanted energy. This can be done through smudging. My favorites is Church Incense, also called “Gloria Incense”.

Some good cleansing incense include Myrrh, Frankincense, Hyssop, and Copal. Dry herbs used for cleansing includes ruda (rue), rosemary, and sage. Sage is another one of my favorites. If you choose to go with another type of store bought incense or another type of dry herb make sure it has cleansing and purification properties associated with it.

To fix a statue for a specific purpose, this is one of my favorite methods, take the statue and set it on top of a piece of wood that is at least a quarter inch in thickness. With a pencil trace the shape of the base of the statue onto the board. Remove the statue and draw another circle inside the shape of the states base shape. You can freehand the inner circle. Now here is when you need your witchie craftiness. With a jigsaw or a scroll saw, cut out the shape of the base and then cut out the inside of the inner circle. You end up with a wooden ring.

Take that ring and glue it to the bottom of the statue. Since you traced the shape of the base your cutout should fit to the bottom of the statue perfectly. Once this is dry you can place anything inside the cutout to personalize the statue. Maybe you want to place some herbs, dried flowers, roots, small pieces of gemstones or quartz, pictures, or maybe even a written prayer. I like this method since you don’t actually alter the statue itself by drilling holes into it.

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