Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Prosperity: Kitchen Witchery

I’d like to wish everyone a great thanksgiving holiday...Gobble, Gobble. Tis the season for food...sometimes a ton of it! Why not play the role of the “kitchen witch” and use the things we normally consume on thanksgiving day to amplify prosperity. Okay turkeys and turkettes get out the herbs and spices and let’s get down to business.

Allspice can be added to homemade baked goods and is great for attracting abundance and helpful friendships.

Anise is used for keeping everyone grounded. This would be perfect for someone who seems to be a little scattered....don’t we all have at least one of these people in our families...lol

Basil added to foods works well for family happiness and harmony.

Bay Leaf is good for bettering the finances but it’s also good for controlling and dominating a person or situation. Gives lots of Bay Leaf to the person you want to control...haha

Beets are wonderful for bonding people together.

Chives can be added to food to stop someone from interfering in your life....hmmm, INLAWS!!

Cinnamon can be added to baked goods to encourage creativity or to strengthen the bond between couples. Cinnamon is also an aphrodisiac so be sure to sprinkle extra on your lovers plate.

Cauliflower, Peas, and Corn create prosperity, and Potatoes encourage healing.

Clove, Mint, Nutmeg, and Vanilla bring abundance and prosperity.

Chamomile is calming, attracts abundance, friendship, good luck, money, peace, prosperity, and success....soooo, after dinner brew up a big pot of Chamomile Tea and spread the benefits around!

Spread bowls of fresh nuts around the room since these have many beneficial properties.
Almonds = Abundance, Success, Fertility, Good Luck, Overcome Addictions, Prosperity
Brazil Nuts = Good Fortune To Partnerships, Energy, Money
Cashews = Good Luck, Money, Prosperity, Riches, To Stop Delays, Victory, Wealth
Chestnuts = Love
Pecans = Abundance, Fertility, Good Fortune, Money, Success
Pistachios = Confidence, Courage, Good Luck
Walnuts = Creativity, Energy, Fertility, Healing, Inspiration, Wish Making

And lastly, have a good supply of fresh fruits for everyone to eat.
Apples = Healing, Love
Apricots = Bonding Couples Together, Fertility, Inspiration, Love, Make Others Admire You
Coconuts = Fertility, Good Luck, Grounding, Happiness, Harmony, Overcome Bad Habits
Grapefruits = Bring Balance To Any Situation, Energy, Good Communication Between People
Grapes = Fertility, Money
Oranges = Fidelity, Good Fortune, Harmony, Health, Love, Money, Peace, Prosperity, Success
Pears = Strengthens Relationships
Peaches = Fertility, Wish Making
Pineapples = Abundance, Good Luck, Healing, Material Gain, Money, Prosperity
Plums = Energy, Peace, Strength, Tranquility
Pomegranates = Abundance, Luck, Material Gain
Raspberries = Friendship, Healing, Make People Friendly, To Stop Bad Luck
Strawberries = Beauty, Desire, Good Luck


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