Friday, December 4, 2009

Ajo Macho (Male Garlic) Candle

Ajo Macho is normally used in order to protect yourself from enemies, negativity, and evil which may be lurking...noticed or unnoticed. This includes the envy of others, people who are out to destroy your reputation, less than friendly co-workers, those who drain your energy, witchcraft, and to break the effects of the evil eye. Ajo Macho will protect against the forces of evil and at the same time it cleanses away the negative vibrations and attracts good luck.

Garlic has been used for thousands of years for its medicinal and protective powers. The ancients would eat raw cloves of garlic because it made them burp....every time they would burp the odor of the garlic was released...ewwwh...they did this in order to keep evil away from them. It’s my belief that they kept more than evil away if you know what I mean. I wouldn’t be surprised if their love life

Growing up, I remember my elders, who were spiritual workers, would keep cloves of garlic in their pocket for protection. It was common to see fresh garlic braided together and hung over doorways or bowls of garlic strewed about the house. The dry, brittle garlic skins were also burned for the same purpose.

Its said that male garlic was planted in the earth at the foot of the cross on Mount Calvary when Jesus was crucified but I have not been able to find any solid evidence of this. Some say that the garlic was placed there in order to keep demons from attacking Jesus while he was in a weakened condition. Others say that the garlic was planted to symbolize eternal life and protection from evil. Because of this belief the following prayer is recited in order to bless and empower garlic cloves used for spiritual protection.

Prayer To The Garlic
“Miraculous garlic, you were put on Mount Calvary where Jesus died in order to give us eternal light and freedom from all evil. Free me from confinement and from demons. Free me from my enemies who wish to see me suffer or hurt me. Blind their sight so they cannot see me, paralyze their feet so they cannot near me, bind their hands so they cannot touch me nor their weapons be pointed at me. Miraculous garlic, give me freedom from all harm and bless me with work, money, good friendships, love, health, and happiness. So be it. Amen”

Ajo Macho Candle
This is to shield you from any kind of negative influence.
You will need:
3 fresh clove of garlic, small ones
1 white pouch
1 Ajo Macho Candle
1 small bowl of Holy Water
1 white dressmakers pin (the ones with the colored balls on top)
Do this:
Okay, you can’t be protected from negative influences if you don’t clear your home first....Take the ajo macho candle and with the dressmakers pin carve the Star of David around the wick. Light the candle to free your home of negativity. The way I do it is to begin at the back part of my home and work my way up front...just as if I were doing a house cleansing. I allow the candle to burn in each room for 1 hour working my way up to the front door. At the front door I allow the candle to burn out. Some people just light it anywhere in the house...this is’s just my personal preference to move it throughout each room.

Now for the protection....
Take the bowl of Holy Water and dip the cloves of garlic inside allowing them to soak up some Holy vibrations. Make sure to fully submerge each clove. Do this three times. Then place them inside the pouch. Before tying it shut recite the garlic blessing above. Carry this with you in your purse or pocket. Replace the garlic with fresh ones once a month.

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