Thursday, February 18, 2010

Magical Stones

These are some of my favorite stones that I use in spellbags, worn, or carried for their abilities. Thought I’d share :-)

Angelic Communication, Attracting Love, Attracting Money, Balancing Energy, Concentration, Business Success, Contacting Spirit Guides, Courage, Creativity, Meditation, Dream Recall, Easing Grief, Intuition, Focus, Good Judgment, Good Luck, Grounding, Happiness, Willpower, Making Wise Decisions, Legal Problems, Peace, Prophetic Dreams, Protection During Travel, Protection From Negative Energies, Protection From Witchcraft, Spiritual Development, Stability, Stop Nightmares

Spiritual Healing, Good Luck, Breaking Bad Habits, Business Success, Clairvoyance, Clarity, Clearing Negative Energy, Intuition, Encouraging Kindness, Leadership Abilities, Power, Prophecy, Prosperity, Psychic Visions, Strength

Love, Meditation, Fidelity, Protection Form Gossip, Protection While Traveling Over Water

Contacting Spirit Guides, Divination, Enhancing Communication Skills, Increasing Psychic Abilities, Inducing Psychic Visions, Passing Exams, Prophetic Dreams, Purification, Retaining Information, Seeing The Truth

Abundance, Attracting Money, Court Cases, Decision Making, Good Fortune, Grounding, Justice, Prosperity, Protection From Evil Spirits, Protection From Nightmares, Protection From The Evil Eye, Purification, Removing Obstacles, Strengthening Spellwork, Success

Protection While Traveling Over Water, Protection From Evil, Protection From Gossip, Self Esteem, Willpower

Career And Business Success, Clearing Negativity, Courage, Enhancing Writing Skills, Fertility, Finding A Compatible Relationship, Focus, Good Luck, Grounding, Harmony, Protection From Envy, Protection From Evil, Protection From Negative Energy, Protection From Nightmares, Sexuality, Willpower

Abundance, Attracting Love, Balance, Business Success, Clarity, Meditation, Enhancing Psychic Abilities, Fidelity, Good Fortune, Growth, Harmony, Higher Awareness, Inspiration, Peace, Prophecy, Protection From Negative Energy, Seeing The Truth, Spiritual Wisdom, Stopping Nightmares

Calming, Comprehension, Courage, Energizing, Favorable Legal Matters, Focus, Grounding, Happiness, Logical Thinking, Peace, Protection From Evil, Protection From Negative Energies, Psychic Awareness, Self Control, Self Esteem, Successful Relationships, Vitalizing, Willpower

Herkimer Diamond
Spirit Communication

Attracting Love, Attracting Money, Business Success, Fidelity

Protection, Purification, Clearing Away Negative Energy, Protection From Evil, Overcoming Fear, Protection From Being Possessed, Protection From Storms

Grounding, Stabilizing, Clarity, Studying, Confidence, Willpower, Calming, Better Concentration

Abundance, Attracting Love, Balancing Energies, Business Success, Intuition, Fidelity, Flexibility, Good Fortune, Grounding, Patience, Prosperity, Protection During Travel, Protection From The Evil Eye, Spiritual Growth, Nightmares

Better Communication, Clairaudience, Discouraging Procrastination, Intuition, Good Luck, Happiness, Insight, Inspiration, Peace, Spiritual Awareness, Spiritual Guidance, Spiritual Wisdom And Knowledge, Willpower

Attracting Love, Attracting Positive Energy, Compassion, Meditation, Expansion, Growth, Happiness, Individuality, Kindness, Motivation, Overcoming Fear, Problem Solving, Protection, Reaching Goals

Good Luck, Good Fortune, Power, Strength, Wealth, Attracting Love, Marriage, Encouraging Commitment, Loyalty, Grounding, Better Communication, Overcoming Fear Of Public Speaking, Peace, Encouraging Positive Thinking, Increase

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