Saturday, February 27, 2010

Spiritual Folk Illness

Over the past several months I have almost been overwhelmed with requests for help from people suffering from a variety of spiritual illnesses. Many of them go on to explain their anxiety over the economy. Every week more and more people are losing their jobs, hours being cut, or the fear of their employer downsizing. From the emails I receive there seems to be an epidemic of anger, anxiety and emotional stress. As more and more people experience a lack of financial stability, more and more illnesses arise. In my opinion this excess of stress, worry, and fear is affecting the core of the person...the soul.

Hardship also leads those with less than ethical reason to strike out. Increasingly you must watch out for and protect yourself from spiritual attacks, evil spirits, enemies, hexers, and those who wish us harm. As resources (jobs, money, food, etc) may become short, there will be those that take advantage of good will, unsuspecting and weaker individuals. Awareness of these possibilities is crucial to safeguarding yourself and your family and friends.

Let me explain in more detail...

I use the term SPIRITUAL ILLNESS or FOLK ILLNESS to describe a psychical, emotional, or spiritual condition which manifested through outside (unnatural) forces. Although stemming from an unnatural force, spiritual illnesses are felt and experienced just the same as any other “natural” illness.

Spiritual illnesses are not recognized by Western Medicine. Try going to a Western Medical Doctor to treat a case of Mal de Ojo (The Evil Eye) and you’ll probably get referred to the nearest psychiatrist office, and quick.

The Western Medical practitioners who know what the Evil Eye is simply see it as a silly superstition. Western Medicine simply doesn’t address health problems attributed to nonscientific causes.

Because every spiritual illness displays its own set of symptoms, Western Medical Doctors are very likely to “label” the spiritual illness according to the symptoms the person is experiencing. For instance, Doctor “so-and-so” may label “Evil Eye” as a phobia, or he may label the patient as being a hypochondriac. Susto may be labeled as depression. Mal Puesto (witchcraft) may be labeled as anxiety. Thus, the Doctor will give treatment for something the patient probably doesn’t have and most likely prescribe pharmaceuticals that the patient may not need. I’m not saying that a person should not seek medical advice nor trust their doctor’s opinions. In the previous cases, it is not their fault that Doctors are not trained in spiritual issues.

There are many known folk illnesses. Some of them include:
Spirit Possession
Susto (soul loss)
Ataque de Nervios (dramatic outbursts of negative emotions, usually spiritual in nature)
Mal Puesto (witchcraft, hexing)
Tristeza (overwhelming sadness)
Decaimientos (fatigue, usually spiritual in nature)
Envidia (the effect of strong envy)
Mal de Ojo (evil eye)
Generational Curse (problems passed down in the family line)
Espanto (fright, a more severe case of susto)
Pesar (grief)
Mal Suerte (bad luck)
Penas (overwhelming shame)
Barrevillos (obsessions, usually spiritual in nature)

These are just a few.

Since we are created both physically AND spiritually, oftentimes a spiritual illness, even though un-natural, can lead to physical illnesses. The same holds true for physical illnesses. Because everything has an energy to it, including real physical illnesses, such as high fever, fatigue, arthritis, and terminal conditions these real illnesses can cause spiritual illness as well. In these cases a spiritual illness can manifest because of the negative energy surrounding the physical illness. Even when the physical illness runs its course and the person gets better the energy of the illness can linger behind, affecting the person’s aura or spiritual body.

The emails I have been receiving encouraged me to finish up another online course I started but never completed. How To Heal Spiritual Illnesses. Having the knowledge of dealing with such problems is indispensable. It will be open soon for those interested.

Please arm yourself with the knowledge of spiritual illnesses and guard yourself from the actions of those that would use them against you.

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