Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Saint Sara la Kali

Saint Sara la Kali is known for her powers to heal and give success and cleanse the bad habits and problems of your past. She’s a good Saint to work with if you feel you are being blocked or if you have enemies. You can also call on her for good luck, fertility, healing, and general success in business matters.

Legend says that Sara begged for alms to sustain her masters (the Maries) or perhaps they were just her companions.  Sara and the other Maries are connected to sea ports (especially that in Southern France) due to stories of her aid in saving the Maries at sea.  This and other legends have simply created a deep and moving mystery around this Saint.

On feast day Sara la Kali is dressed in layers of cloaks representing the prayers and petitions of all that have come to ask her help.  During her festival, those who seek her healing and blessings come to touch her skirts, put scarves around her neck, light candles, and give thanks for miracles and prayers answered.  She is petitioned to take away bad habits, bad luck, poverty and bad health (among many problems)… to take them with her as the scarves and cloaks that she is wrapped within.

Later, the statue of Saint Sara is carried down to the sea normally a walk of just a few minutes, but now takes hours due to the throngs of her followers.  The statue is immersed in the sea taking all the problems out to sea (that were petitioned) and everyone enters the water as it is now sanctified and they too can be washed of their problems; it is an act of purification to be washed by the sea after this ritual.  The group is led by elders of the town on white horses.

I have always thought this feast gathering was so beautiful. There is so much power and faith involved ... so spiritual... always brings a tear to my eye.

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