Friday, September 28, 2012

The Fourteen Holy Helpers

The Fourteen Holy Helpers are a group of Catholic Saints who have proven themselves to be very powerful in not only healing but also who have proven themselves to answer requests in other areas as well. Each of these Saints specializes in certain illnesses and particular areas but they are all invoked as a group. Following are The Fourteen Holy Helpers and what they are known for.

St Achatius: headaches
St Barbara: fever, protection from fire and sudden death
St Blaise: any illness of the throat
St Catherine of Alexandria: sudden death, any disease of the tongue
St Christopher: protection from storms, plague and sudden death
St Cyriacus: any disease of the eyes and demonic possession
St Denis: headaches and demonic possession
St Erasmus: any disease of the stomach or intestines and protecting domestic animals
St Eustachius: protection from fire, all kinds of difficulties, family troubles,
St George: herpes and protecting domestic animals
St Giles: plague, panic, epilepsy, madness, nightmares
St Margaret of Antioch: backache and safe childbirth
St Pantaleon: consumption, physicians and protecting domestic animals
St Vitus: epilepsy, chorea, lethargy, poisonous bites, epilepsy and protection from storms

These are a great group of Patron Saints to call on when illness arises and healing is needed. You can pray the litany of the Fourteen Holy Helpers or use the following short prayer in asking for their assistance.

Fourteen Holy Helpers, select friends of God, I honor each of you as mighty intercessors. I come to you in confidence that you will hear my plea of help and come to assist me in my needs (request). Grant me this request I humbly make with full faith and love. Amen.

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