Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Folk Saint.... Niño Fidencio

Hola Espiritistas,
I’ve been getting tons of questions about Folk Saints lately so periodically I’ll write a short something about a different one. Looks like I got my work cut out for me since there are several folk Saints that I like working with. First will be Niño Fidencio. He was born in Guanahuato in 1898. In 1925 he arrived in Espinazo and died in 1938. His full name was Jose Fidencio Sintora Constantino. El Niño had a powerful gift from God to heal the sick and to help those who asked. During his lifetime thousands of people would come from all over to be cured of illness and other needs or to simply be touched by him. Still today he has a large following. Even in death his miracles are still very much real. You can pray to him for any need you may have.

Nino Fidencio be my light and guidance
from your heavenly home
I call upon you in my time of need
Full of faith in the miracles
You have bestowed upon those in the living
(make your petition).
In confidence await you answer
In return for granting me what I ask
I promise to spread your name
To those who are unaware of your kindness.

Light a white glass encased candle in his honor. Recite the prayer at least once a day while the candle is lit. Once your request is answered make sure to tell at least 9 people of his miracles.
Until next time, stay well, Luz y Progreso

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