Friday, September 5, 2008

Folk Saint....Don Pedrito Jaramillo

This is a very short’s a blog....not a book....hahaha...

He was born in 1829. Not much is documented of his younger years but later in life he became a legend. He was originally born in Mexico but relocated to Texas in 1881. One morning while out riding his horse Don Pedrito took a fall and hit his nose on a tree limb which injured his nose badly and he was in terrible pain. His instincts led him to a pond where he packed mud over his nose.....which turned out to cure him of his pain. He was so relieved that he fell asleep. During sleep God told Don Pedrito to spend the rest of his life healing those who were suffering from illnesses. From then on, Don Pedrito was a healer.

You can pray to Pedrito Jaramillo for health, recovery, healing, cures, to change your luck, and for protection.

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