Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Hola Espiritistas, hope you all have been well since our last visit. Today I’m gonna talk about bringing luck into our homes since I have been getting emails asking me about this very subject. The answer is Starfish!!!

These little guys (or girls for you feminists) are very lucky to have inside your home. They are naturally lucky but with a little help from the knowledge of our ancestors we can fix them to be extremely lucky. First thing you need to do is go out and buy one. You need one that is large enough for you to make a small hole in the back of it to place items inside. You will also need a very small Caravaca Cross. You can find these on the internet in any size you want and are a dime a dozen. Get one that is for infants (teeny, tiny).

The starfish is hollow so be careful not to break it in half, go slow. Once the hole is made drop a little dry manzanilla (chamomile), rosemary and bayberry into the hole. You can add more lucky herbs if you want but you really don’t want to give the poor thing a tummy ache. Drop the caravaca cross inside. Also place a handwritten prayer of your choice inside, I use the prayer that is said for this cross. Once everything is inside light a white candle and recite this prayer....

Natural and fragrant herbs, created by the Heavenly Father, your secrets are many and the gifts you bestow on us are strong. I call upon your natural powers to fortify this item and to always live within it. Bring us your gifts of good fortune and bless us with luck and prosperity. That whatsoever request I make for money be quickly granted and fulfilled. Amen.

To seal the hole place a piece of soft paper over it, like a piece of paper towel, and drip some of the candle wax over the paper. Spray the entire fish, front and back with plenty of Holy Water. There you go, your own lucky starfish!

You can hang the fish anywhere in your home. You can drape the starfish with items that represent luck and money such as Holy Medals, flashy beads, sparkly things, money symbols, pieces of pyrite, green ribbon, or a picture of that vacation spot you want to visit. Let me know how this works for you...I love hearing from all of you. Until next time friends, stay well, Luz y Progreso

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