Sunday, December 14, 2008

EVP’s.....Start Recording The Spirits Around You!

Hello again my fellow occultists. Today I’m gonna give you a very short lesson on EVP’s.
EVP means “electronic voice phenomena”. Sounds really high tech huh? Not to worry ... it’s really easy.

You can actually capture spirit voices on any recording device you have. I use a digital recorder that I purchased at Wal-Mart for under $40.00 but an old cassette recorder will work too.
One catch with using cassette recorders... Aha! There had to be a catch! .... simple.... you will just need an external mic.... If your cassette recorder has an internal microphone you will pick up the noise from the internal gears.....not good for recording spirits clearly and you’ll usually give up thinking your not getting anywhere. The digitals work great. They have internal mics but the recordings come out crystal clear. Boy technology sure has come a long way.

Once you have your recording device turn it on and record the date, time and location....this is always good practice. Sometimes you’ll get specific places in your home that are more active than others.

Ask if there are any spirits around who would like to communicate and record for a few minutes. Ask your questions out loud. You can ask them anything you want just make sure you give them enough time to respond. You can also record random voices by placing the recorder in a room you feel is occupied by spirit. Turn on the recorder and leave the room, closing the door behind you.

Now the good stuff.... When playing back the recording listen for anything unusual. You might pick up loud voices, whispers, moaning, crying, sounds of something breaking or something being dropped. It’s best to record around the same time of day too. Oh, and keep extra batteries handy since most spirits will drain your batteries really fast, even new ones can drain within minutes.

Until next time witchie poo’s... Luz y Progreso

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