Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Successful Limpia

Hello my friendly occultists. This is a picture of a limpia (spiritual cleansing) I did on a woman who was suffering with symptoms of an illness that the doctors could not find. This went on for years. During this period she visited several doctors and had numerous tests done but they all came back normal. She was suffering from back pain, headaches, constant ear and sinus infections, nightmares, and depression. If that wasn’t enough she was also experiencing bad luck, financial difficulties, and had numerous fears and was fear of flying.

This picture was the first of her limpias; I performed 6 more on her. After the final cleansing all but one of her symptoms (nightmares) went away. She also got a promotion which increased her salary. Her luck is much better and she informed me that she was flying to Las Vegas.....for the second time!!!

Here the egg shows the presence of blood....and a ton of it to boot. This indicates some serious problems...enemies and strong witchcraft. It’s difficult to explain the yolk and whites of the egg but they show that the lady also had susto (soul loss) which was causing her to be fearful of everything and the depression she felt.

The egg in its raw state has natural drawing abilities. That’s why many curanderas use them. Just another example of the mysteries and power around us.

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