Thursday, December 4, 2008

Folk Saints....Teresa Urrea

Teresa Urrea is also known as Sainta de Cabora, Niña de Cabora, Santa Teresa, Teresita, and La Santa.

She was born in Mexico in 1873 and died in 1906 and is buried in Clifton, Arizona. Teresita was discovered by an old curandera. The curandera realized that Teresita had very special and very powerful abilities. Teresita was a natural born hypnotist, psychic and healer. She had the ability to free a person from any pain they were suffering just by looking at them. she never accepted money for her healings. The reports of her healing abilities spread quickly and before long she had thousands of people seeking her help.

Give La Santa a white seven day glass encased candle on Sunday and ask her for healing. Get a photo of yourself or the person needing healing. Write what type of problem they are having on the back of the photo. Dress the outside of the candle with healing oil and place the photo under the candle.

Viva La Santa de Cabora.

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