Saturday, January 17, 2009

Spirit Guides, Part 1

Spirit guides are spirits or entities who usually have lived in physical body at some time. They are here to accompany you on your journey through life, offering help and support when needed. They watch, guide, teach, heal, and lead you to spiritual awareness. Spirit guides help us find and stay on our chosen path and offer information that exists in the universe that we could not otherwise tap in to.

Our connection to spirits guides are beneficial to us in many ways and we in turn are beneficial to them to grow and evolve in their spiritual journey in the spirit world. We all have spirit guides though most people live their entire lives not knowing they exist or simply refusing to believe what they can’t physically see.

The number of spirit guides varies from person to person. Some people have many guides while others only have one. We each have a primary or master guide who is with us from birth to the time of our death. Many people have other guides who may come and go at different times in our life as they are needed.

Spirit guides can be male or female. They can be people we knew in our past lives that we still in this life have a karmic link to, relatives, friends, and roaming spirits who have taken a liking to you and stays to help you. One of these spirits will be there to greet you at your time of death to help your soul pass to the spiritual world easier.

Besides spirit guides we also have angel guides. Angel guides and spirit guides are not the same. Spirit guides have lived in physical body, angels have not, they are messengers of the Divine but like spirit guides angel guides help and protect us as well.

The presence of spirit guides can be subtle or strong and can communicate to us in a number of ways. They may choose to communicate through dreams giving us answers to questions or problems that we face. They could make you dream a particular situation which is in turn the answer to a problem. They may show the events in your dreams as a direction you should take for a good outcome. Guides can also communicate telepathically or during meditation when your mind is free of distractions.

Some may see or hear them talking as if they were right there in the flesh. Usually if your guide wants to be visible they will appear in a form that is most comfortable for you. If your guide appears in a way that you’re not comfortable with all you have to do is ask that they appear in another less frightening form and they will.

Most commonly guides will communicate through symbols, a flash of light, a certain noise, ideas that come to us, images, a feeling, a particular smell, or by touch. When they touch you it could feel like a soft brushing sensation, a hot or cold feeling, a tingling sensation, or a numbness on the area they are touching. When guides communicate they can put their messages in your mind which comes to you as an idea you had for no particular reason or even a crazy idea that doesn’t make sense to us. They can give us images that play like a motion picture in our minds or like several still life images in a row.

Once you begin your journey communicating with your own spirit guides you will be given signs that they are there. It’s up to you to be in tune and identify the signs given. You will notice pattern of particular signs they give when they are trying to come through. Trust in the signs your given, don’t pass them off as your mind playing tricks on you.

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