Thursday, January 15, 2009

Spiritual Tool Chest

Holy Water
Holy Water can be sprinkled over tools and other objects to purify and free them of negative energy. After doing spellwork it can be sprayed throughout the home to remove any traces of negativity. Prior to spellwork you can wash your hands in it for protection.

Salt is purifying. It’s good to use after performing spellwork to release any negativity you may have collected. Bathing in salt water after rituals will help to keep you from picking up spiritual clutter.

Incense (spiritual smoke) can be used for spiritually fumigating a person or a place. The choice of incense used determines the desired result.

Charcoal Disks
You will need a supply of charcoal disk used for burning loose incense. These are not the same as the charcoal used in barbeque grills.

Incense Burner
You will need an incense burner or another type of heat proof container to burn incense in. It’s best to have at least two on hand in case you need to burn different incense.

Spray Bottle
A small spray bottle just makes life easier. They can be filled with Holy Water and used to spray yourself, the room or objects. If you get a spray bottle with an adjustment nozzle you will even be able to adjust the amount of water sprayed.

Paper Towels
Another “make life easier” item. Sometimes spellwork requires the use of oils, herbs or powders which at times can get messy and having some paper towels nearby is helpful so that you can easily wipe off your hands. Nothing like doing some serious spellwork and asking the spirits "Uh, hold on a sec so I can wash my hands..."

Small Jars
These can be used in many types of spellwork. If you don’t start a small collection you will wish you had when the time comes when you find yourself looking for one. Baby food jars are the perfect size. I use them for all sorts of stuff like burying something in the ground, or sealing someone inside....hehehe

Spiritual oils sold in botanicas and are supposedly fixed for different purposes. You can purchase a few of the basics like love oil, success oil, money oil, controlling oil or a domination oil, protection oil, or a Saint oil. I like to always have a small bottle of virgin olive oil in stock too since this is an “all-purpose” oil. I prefer making my own that way I know they are good quality....hey, maybe my next blog entry!

Candles are almost always used is spellwork so having a selection of spare candles you’ll always be ready for emergencies.

Candle Holders
For free standing candles I like to use small white plates to set my candles on instead of candle holders.
I use some of the wax drippings to hold the candle in place.

Herbs are not only used as incense but are also used as additives to spellbags and pouches and used to dress candles. The most basic herbs to keep on hand are rosemary, sage, and cinnamon.

Wooden Matches Or A Lighter
You will need to have something to light your candle with...duh! Keep some matches or a special lighter on hand.

Candle Snuffer
Candles employed in spellwork should always be put out with a candle snuffer or pinched out. Never blow out the flame with your own breath. The candle snuffer is nice to have since it reaches down into the glass candles.

Dressmaker’s Pins
Always keep a supply of brand new dressmaker’s pins around, the ones with the color balls on the end. These come in handy for dolls, marking candles, and pinning photos together.

Parchment paper or brown paper bags, I like the brown bags the best. You will need paper for writing requests, names, intentions, etc.

Writing instruments
I usually keep pens with different colors of ink which comes in handy for writing in the color of your for love matters, green for money matters, etc.

I always have several of these for protection. Brass ones are more powerful but all of them work well.

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