Friday, January 2, 2009

Milagros and a gift from the Curious Curandera

I hope everyone has a happy and safe time bringing in the New Year. We had a great time sitting home and tipping the Champaign bottle and eating black eye peas. Eating black eye peas on new years is supposed to bring good luck in the coming year. I have heard of people eating different things like grapes too. Write and tell me of some of your New Years traditions...I find them all very interesting.

Every New Years I’m struck with a sense of hope, happiness and excitement for the coming year so I would like to talk a little about milagros since they represent many things to me.

Milagros (miracles) are little charms of different shapes and can be used in many ways. You can go in to a church and find these charms attached to Saint Statues or placed at their feet, especially in communities where there is a large number of Hispanics. The charms are offered to the Saints to symbolize a person’s needs or prayer petitions or to give thanks for answered prayers. They are also carried for protection and good luck.

A curandera often fixes and blesses these milagros. Once fixed and blessed the person its given to carries it in their pocket of purse to receive the benefits. If the milagro is fixed and blessed to bring a person good luck the item is then placed inside the home.

Some popular milagros you might see are.....

Heart. This can be used to represent a persons cares, worries, love, Sacred Heart of Jesus, Sacred Heart of Mary, or a heart condition the person may have.
Eyes. This can represent the human eyes, an eye condition, fading eyesight, or protection.
Praying Woman or Man. This can represent an actual person or a Saint.
Woman’s or a Man’s Head. This can be used to represent an actual person, the mind, the brain, head conditions, a headache, or the person’s spirit.
Girl. This can represent a female child either a family member or a friend.
Boy. Same as the girl above.
Arm. This can represent a broken arm or another arm problem, arthritis in the arm, strength, a strong ability to work, or taking the load from someone else to carry yourself.
Leg. This can represent a broken leg or another leg problem, arthritis in the leg, preventing your enemies from nearing you, walking, or taking a trip.
House. This could represent your own home or the home of another person. It could also represent family, togetherness, your search for a new residence, or the selling of a home.
Hen. This can represent someone who “mothers” or “nurtures” another, or someone who watches out for others.
Bull. This can represent a person’s strength, power, force, stamina, endurance, or a person in or wanting a position of power.
Horse. This can represent working hard, good luck or traveling.
Mule. This can represent a person’s stubbornness, one sidedness, or a person who is difficult. It can even represent good luck, prosperity, and happiness.
Dog. This can represent loyalty, friendship, or protection.
Pig. This can represent the food we eat, nourishment for the body, working hard and bringing home the bacon.

So to bring in the New Year with my fellow readers I am offering to send you a fixed and blessed milagro to attract good luck and prosperity for 2009. I fix these myself so I know they truly hold good blessings. Sorry but I only have 8 of them to send out, so the first 8 people who want them are the ones who will get them. Make sure to write me to my email with your mailing address. Do not post your address here on the blog. One more thing, please make sure to make a comment here on the blog that you want the milagro so that other readers will know how many are left for the taking.

For those who do not get the milagros I offer you prayers for good luck and prosperity in 2009. let me know if you want prayer and I will honor it. My altars have a very high amount of positive energy so prayers there are very powerful. Happy New Year Everyone.

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