Friday, September 2, 2016

Mano Poderosa: Healing Amulet

Lets make a healing medal that you can either use on yourself or on others.

Obtain a Mano Poderosa medal.  You can find these medals all over the internet for pennies.  Fill a small shallow container with Holy Water and place the medal inside the container to soak while the following prayer is recited (if you’re not Christian than find your own prayer)

O God, at your word all things are made holy.
Pour your blessing upon this medal which you have made.
Grant that whoever gratefully makes use of it
according to your will and law may,
by calling on your holy name,
receive from you health of body
and salvation of soul,
through Christ our Lord.
Add three (3) drops of rosemary oil into the water.  Place the container outdoors for three (3) nights during the waning moon phase (to remove illness).  Make sure to get up early so that you can bring the container indoors before the sun comes up.

After the third night remove the medal from the container and pour the water outdoors at the main entrance of your home.

Now you will want to dress five (5) white votive candles with rosemary oil and recite the Mano Poderosa prayer.  The five white votives represent the five fingers of Jesus.  After the candles are properly dressed with oil arrange them in a circle.  Place the Mano Poderosa medal in the center of the circle and recite the following prayer.

O Powerful Hand of God!
I place my soul before you,
and in my despair and anguish,
beseech you to aid me with your almighty power.
At your feet I place the devotion of my sorrowful heart
that I might be delivered from my suffering.
May the loving kindness of your power
help me and give me strength and wisdom
to live in peace and happiness.

Thou who has suffered,
reach out thy hand to me with a great blessing. 
Thy pierced hand with thy saintly fingers
inspires my humble prayers. 
Jesus said, “Ask, and it shall be given to you.” 
Through thy most precious blood I seek,
and I ask that my prayers be heard and granted.
I carry a likeness of your pierced hand with me always
as a loving symbol of your great kindness. 
And I call on the graces necessary for peace and happiness. 
Grant me this request.  Amen.

The medal is ready for use.  You can use the medal in several ways.  First you could carry it in your pocket, purse, or around you neck to protect you from could sweep the medal over the body whenever you feel illness creeping up, asking for the powerful hand to remove could keep it under your mattress and allow the healing to take place during sleep.

The medal should be cleansed at least once a month.  My preference is on the first Friday of the month.

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