Saturday, September 3, 2016

San Cipriano

There are two legends of San Cipriano. The first legend says that San Cipriano (St Cyprian of Antioch) was born in Carthage (249-251). As a child his parents dedicated him to the service of Apollo and when Cyprian was only seven years old his parents gave him to magicians where he would study sorcery and pagan ways. During his youth he traveled to many places learning the occult from some of the best known masters. His travels took him to Mount Olympus, there he learned to control weather conditions. 

At age ten he went to Argos and served the Goddess Juno where he learned the art of deception. During another voyage he went to Sparta, there he learned the rites of Necromancy. When Cyprian was twenty he traveled to Egypt where he stayed for ten years studying to cast powerful spells and incantations. By the time he was thirty he went to the Chaldeans to master the science of astrology, and it was there that he completed his study.

He eventually took the career as a professional sorcerer and did very well in the business. Soon after opening shop Cyprian met Justina, a young Christian woman, and fell madly in love with her. He tried to gain her love through sorcery and even conjured powerful spirits for assistance but nothing worked. Every day Justina prayed and marked herself with the sign of the cross which protected her. Every time one of Cyprian’s magical attempts failed he tried stronger and more powerful ones...each one failing. Cyprian was so impressed with the power of the Cross and Justina beliefs of prayer the he eventually gave up his pagan ways and became a Christian.
The second legend is that Cyprian never renounce sorcery, he secretly practiced it alongside of his Christian front. It’s believed that Cyprian and Justina became a magical dynamic duo. Legend tells that Cyprian recorded much of his occult knowledge in a secret book which is still circulating today.

Prayer To San Cipriano For Protection
In the name of Jesus,
I invoke San Cipriano through this prayer
And charge it with my devotion.
San Cipriano, take me as your loyal and humble follower.
Grant me your protection
And liberate me of any danger and harm from my enemies.
Liberate me of evil, and of any rabid and poisonous animal,
Free me of curses and incantations.
Move away all dangers and harm that surround me.
Work through my body and teach me your knowledge
So that I may use them for the good of mankind. Amen

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